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Television Quotes

286 Television quotes:

"That was a real insight for us. There has been no real demonstration that the long tail would work in television. Who knows what proportion of overall television consumption the long tail could account for."
Author: Highfield Quotes Category: Television Quotes Demonstration Quotes
"The only difference is that television is such a predominant medium. ... Radio used to have sitcoms and doctor shows and cop shows and game shows and all the different genres, and television wrestled that primary entertainment away from it. But I think in terms of its impact on the medium of radio, yes, this is going to be a very big deal."
"Sometimes, because of its immediacy, television produces a kind of electronic parable. Berlin, for instance, on the day the Wall was opened. Rostropovich was playing his cello by the Wall that no longer cast a shadow, and a million East Berliners were thronging to the West to shop with an allowance given them by West German banks! At that moment the whole world saw how materialism had lost its awesome historic power and become a shopping list."
Author: Berger Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"I wasn't surprised, because I know that there's been that kind of loyalty about Star Trek, historically, certainly in the original seasons; the original series was picked up partially because of fan support."
Author: Frakes Quotes Category: Television Quotes Loyalty Quotes
"Peter, of the three of us, was our prince. He seemed so timeless. He had such elan and style."
"Almost the first thing I did when I became ill was to buy a truly good television set."
"You go to work, tape five shows in one day and then go home and play golf for the rest of the week and then start the week all over. I thought if something like that came along, I'd love to do that."
"Jazz needs the help. It's the more sophisticated music. All the other music is on the TV, but jazz isn't."
"The changes in both radio and television are mind-boggling,"
"Being on a sitcom stops me from getting Alzheimer's."
"Most people I run into say, I haven't missed an episode. Either you like Survivor or you don't, but if you do, you're a loyal viewer."
"The principle though remains the same, and the important thing is CBS fought hard, very hard, to protect that principle and will fight again."
Author: Abrams Quotes Category: Television Quotes American Lawyer Quotes
"Now I've even gotten to running out to the fan buses that pass by our house, so I can talk to the people. I think I'm trying to gather fans, frankly. They're very, very nice people - they really understand. It's fun talking to them."
"[You'll Like It If: You're looking for a replacement for] West Wing, ... I love you, go win the country."
"Well Bill Martin and Mike Schiff were the creators and they knew we had to do a family show. Everybody came at it from the angle of having been a kid and a teenager."
"In a network situation, a vice president, while he's shaving, can decide your history."
"It was a great game for TV."
"Even when people are rich and successful on TV shows, there's always some trouble - you have to poke holes in them, throw them out of a job, put a pie in the face."
Author: Carey Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"Fox News looks like it continues to power along. They continue to get great ratings and they increase in value and the pricing is better."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Television Quotes News Quotes
"I find Paula patronizing. It's as simple as that. Paula is more damaging than I am to these contestants because a lot of people just shouldn't be singing for a living."
Author: Cowell Quotes Category: Television Quotes

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