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"He was the first superstar of sports television."
"That camera, that PC and that television have all got to talk as if they were designed and delivered from the same company with ease of use in mind."
"Pro football wasn't as popular as it is now. When I came out of college, I had no idea of playing pro football. I think I saw two or three pro football games on television when I was in college. Nobody watched it, it wasn't on TV. It wasn't anywhere near what it is today."
Author: Hoak Quotes Category: Television Quotes Pro Football Quotes
"What we're finding is that this younger demographic is not sitting in front of the television watching commercials."
Author: Romano Quotes Category: Television Quotes Commercials Quotes
"The overwhelming majority of people are still going to watch television in a linear fashion. But there's a growing group of people who aren't looking to see what's the best show on in that time slot, but what's the best show available. We need to stay ahead of that."
Author: Zaslav Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"It's a happy occasion and, unlike most of the television we watch, there's no violence involved."
"Our third-quarter results reflect the continuing soft ad environment, which is impacting both our newspaper and television groups."
"We're used to seeing a radio station turn around in one rating period. You change the talent, the ratings go up, your revenues follow and you've made a fortune out of it. Television, unfortunately, is going to take a couple of years to get most of that around."
"What you see on television, the pictures, the victims and the damage. It's all there but then add some to it."
"Consumers are more likely to buy a second television or DVD player for the bedroom or perhaps a second MP3 player for the gym bag."
Author: Crotty Quotes Category: Television Quotes Consumers Quotes
"You could barely turn the television on without seeing (a commercial)."
Author: Tipton Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"You could barely turn the television on without seeing [a commercial]."
Author: Tipton Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"Apple has accomplished this in music because it designs end-to-end and because they entered the market with a digital rights management-protected product (read: iPod) when no one else did. But it was a one-off, not to be repeated in television, personal video, mobile communications or photography."
Author: Schadler Quotes Category: Television Quotes Photography Quotes
"He who is created by television can be destroyed by television."
"[Detractors argue that reality shows should take place in normal homes, but] this is television people don't want to look at (crummy) houses! ... it happens in a beautiful, fantasy environment."
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"The thing about it is the officials have a hard job. The game is so quick. I think what has really affected officiating is there are so many television angles slow-motion, all that stuff. The fan has the ability to make the perfect observation where for the official it's bang-bang-bang."
Author: Fassel Quotes Category: Television Quotes Observation Quotes
"Mice And Men was only the third movie I had acted in and since then I've done more television and bigger, more demanding roles."
Author: Sinise Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"That's the kind of quality that needs to be on television."
Author: Gaines Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"I love vegging out in front of the TV, eating pizza!"
Author: Bunton Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"When you watch it on television, you're disconnected to it. But when you're there, it becomes so real."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Television Quotes

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