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"We all love to play at Shirk, but I think we've played our best basketball away. I don't know what it is, but we've been playing pretty well on the road."
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"Certainly Louisiana Tech has a lot of tradition and history in women's basketball, but overall I think it is a very good draw for us. It's an opportunity, if we play our best, to advance."
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"It hit us at a good time. We hadn't had a break for a while. We got away from basketball Sunday, and we got away from it (Wednesday)."
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"I thought overall it was a terrific defensive effort. And offensively we really made the extra pass, moved the basketball, and these guys had really good games."
"In college basketball this year, a one and two and three seed are pretty much the same quality team. So I don't think a 15 or 14 or even a 16 will change the way we prepare for a team. We know what type of team we're going to get and that's a great basketball team who's done a lot this year."
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"That's the toughest environment I've ever been in for college basketball. To see that many people in that environment so quiet, it was priceless."
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"This is a modest increase in our ticket price in order for us to continue to move forward our basketball programs. One of our short term goals is to begin a feasibility study for a new basketball practice facility for both our men's and women's basketball teams, and this move is the first step in making that happen."
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"I've never gotten into any of that stuff. If we win basketball games, our seed will continue to improve. If we don't win basketball games, our seed will not improve."
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"I thought that first half of basketball, Pitt played really, really well."
"I was a high school basketball player and high jumper, so I thought I could help,"
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"That's the awesome part. Little girls now have a chance to look up and see women playing soccer, basketball, softball and now hockey - and know they can win a gold medal, too."
"The tough part with college basketball in the States right now is that it's become very role specific."
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"They can face it together instead of individually. Being able to come to basketball meant they take their minds off of things for a couple hours."
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"I want Tyson to do well. He's worked hard (in basketball). He deserves to have success. We miss him, but we understand."
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"If this were women's NCAA basketball, this would be like going into Tennessee - there's nothing like it. We're fired up for this; when you walk out and there are 15,000 people screaming and the walk-out is like the NBA finals - hey, it this doesn't get our kids ready nothing will."
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"They just kick our behinds. They showed us what playoff basketball is about, and it was good for us."
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"It's a tremendous environment for a home team, and for college basketball, period. The fans are so well-educated, and they're a team that's resilient. It also energizes the visiting team, so what you get is an electric atmosphere."
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"It just happened in a blur. I hate losing, period. I mean anything, especially basketball."
"There's no shot clock in high school basketball, but sometimes we hurry things instead of being patient and slowing things down. We do play with a lot of energy at times. Sometimes it's too quick and too soon. It was nothing Princeton did in the second half. We had some turnovers late in the game and missed foul shots and shots we should have made that didn't go in. Hopefully, we can continue to learn from this. We're not learning from our mistake as quickly as we need to. Certainly, the effort is there from the girls."
"He did fine, better than I thought. I think he was excited to start playing basketball again."
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