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Basketball Quotes

910 Basketball quotes:

"If this were women's NCAA basketball, this would be like going into Tennessee - there's nothing like it. We're fired up for this; when you walk out and there are 15,000 people screaming and the walk-out is like the NBA finals - hey, it this doesn't get our kids ready nothing will."
Author: Bauman Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"They just kick our behinds. They showed us what playoff basketball is about, and it was good for us."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"It just happened in a blur. I hate losing, period. I mean anything, especially basketball."
"He did fine, better than I thought. I think he was excited to start playing basketball again."
Author: Adelman Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"If all I'm remembered for is being a good basketball player, then I've done a bad job with the rest of my life."
"They're a good basketball team. They have a very hostile home environment. They are very balanced. They have seven or eight guys who can score for them. They are probably a little bitter since they didn't get an at-large bid to the Tournament."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We have entered a stage right now in college basketball where 15 years ago, it would have been maybe totally no way George Mason could go to the Final Four. It just goes to show how many good coaches there are out there, how many good players there are out there. On any given night, anybody can beat anybody."
Author: Donovan Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"The nice thing today was we had a lot of kids play well and we played very unselfish basketball. That's how we have to play to be successful. We don't have a bunch of superstars. We've just got a bunch of guys who can be pretty good at this game when they play together. I think we proved that today."
Author: Haase Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We've had a rich history of success in national championships, not only in basketball but also in [men's] soccer. One of the perks is that I get to go to basketball games, and I can use that as a recruiting tool for potential players. There is no reason that we both can't be successful."
"People have problems throughout society. Basketball isn't any different. We're much more visible targets when it happens."
Author: Foyle Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Whether you're playing a basketball game or a football game, everybody needs to play by the rules and in this case I don't believe the rules were followed."
Author: Renn Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"It's exciting. This is why you're a college basketball player, to be in this kind of environment and to be in this situation. You have to go out there and you have to play hard. We know we have a long road ahead of us but being in this situation is a good thing."
Author: Butch Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Hopefully we'll be busy playing a lot of basketball."
Author: Butch Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Maine's won three in a row and they're shooting the heck out of the basketball. They're shooting 53 percent from three in the last three games so those guys are on fire right now. We just happened to catch those guys on two nights when they didn't shoot it very well."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We just have to go out there and play Carolina basketball. We also have to rebound and play great defense. I think our defense is capable of stopping anything that they want to do."
Author: Latta Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"It's just dirty basketball. It's plain, outright, dirty basketball. I don't mind the competition, someone going at me on both ends of the floor ... but when guys start throwing elbows and kick you when you're down, that's dirty basketball and I don't respect guys like that."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"They just kicked our behinds. They showed us what playoff basketball is all about."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Look at Oklahoma. They start three seniors. They're a good basketball team. If people thought they were just going to go away, they (were wrong). You don't get ranked in the top five in the preseason if you don't have a good basketball team."
Author: Barnes Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"He was a thin kid, a good basketball player, flashy. But his body wasn't developed, and you could push him around on the floor."
Author: McKie Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"He just respects the game of basketball."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes

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