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"All these guys are good basketball players."
"Matt played excellent basketball. He's a fiery competitor. He plays so hard. I think everybody on our team knows how good of a player Matt Arnold is."
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"There are a lot of ways to win basketball games, and obviously the easiest way is to score points. But when you don't do that, there are other things that you can do -- hustle plays like the tip-in or the rebounds on the free throws. Those plays can make a difference and they obviously did this afternoon."
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"Trying to get national consistency, especially in basketball officiating."
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"It was a courageous win for our basketball team."
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"Basketball is an emotional game. Sometimes you don't think, you just react and tonight was one of those nights."
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"I don't really follow college basketball much, but I've been lead in the direction to pick Auburn as my favorite. I think they would be somewhat of an underdog, and that's right up my alley so I'll go with the Tigers."
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"This past week was a really tough, as basketball practice goes from 4-6 p.m. then on to play practice from 6-10 p.m.. There's not too much else to do."
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"You're not playing this time of year if you're not a good basketball team."
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"We're playing our best basketball right now."
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"He does more in the game of basketball than make baskets, but certainly we don't win without him making baskets. You can get other guys to rebound. You can get other guys to steal the ball. You can't get other guys to make the shots he's making."
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"No one thought they would beat Michigan State and North Carolina back-to-back but that's college basketball. …They're a very good basketball team. They score inside, they score outside and they can defend."
"This town has such a passion about women's basketball. Hats off to our fans. I think I may have seen a couple leaving early, but we'll forgive them."
"This is Connecticut basketball. After suffering the embarrassment of the North Carolina game, it came to a point where we felt like we needed to win. You get tired of leaving the gym crying because you wished you played harder. We came together and won."
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"It is great for our basketball team to go through this. They need this. I really think it was our inexperience as a basketball team in relation to [Tennessee's] experience."
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"Mike does everything on the floor that you would want out of a basketball player."
"He was my first basketball coach,"
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"I've had people tell me they started taking basketball seriously when we went to the Final Four."
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"I think we're playing some of our best basketball. We need to do that to advance in the tournament."
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"Stephanie has matured a lot as a basketball player in the last two weeks. The whole team has. I'm really proud of them. This team didn't say a word in the second half, they just came out with a serious look on their faces and played great basketball. They're believing in themselves and each other. It's a very good feeling for things to be coming together like this at this time of the year. It's a real good place to be right now."
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