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198 Violence quotes:

"Concerns like this can apply to any movie with violence, though 'Get Rich' may get a little more scrutiny because of the reputation of the star. But all this does, really, is serve to create a mythology around the movie. It may create a mystique around it and make it a success, similar to 50 Cent's musical persona."
"The intensity of this violence is on the way down,"
Author: Center Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"[Describing the rebels as] a bunch of murderous thugs ... A downward spiral of violence into another Balkans bloodbath would produce only misery."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."
Author: Asimov Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Violence should have no place in life but within the pages of an engaging novel."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence."
"Anyone who has proclaimed violence his method inexorably must choose lying as his principle."
Author: Solzhenitsyn Quotes Category: Violence Quotes Russian Author Quotes
"We will come out with flowers, we will come out peacefully, without any violence."
"I really believe in non-violence, but I also believe in a short of resistance that has to be respectful."
Author: Paul Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"It appears that the level of violence was well below the last election."
Author: Abney Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"We call on all Somalis to desist from violence and use legitimate ways of participating in the reconstruction of their country,"
Author: Konare Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"We need to resolve this issue through dialogue, not violence."
Author: Rasmussen Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Men are rewarded for learning the practice of violence in virtually any sphere of activity by money, admiration, recognition, respect, and the genuflection of others honoring their sacred and proven masculinity. In male culture, police are heroic and so are outlaws; males who enforce standards are heroic and so are those who violate them."
"Deep within I'm shaken by the violence Of existing for only youI know I can't be with youI do what I have to do."
Author: McLachlan Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"We are walking to wipe out domestic violence."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"I'd be very surprised if there isn't any violence, but that doesn't mean it's going to go to the other extreme and be another Seattle."
Author: Harrison Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"on all groups to end the violence and refrain from violence."
Author: McClellan Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"[Noting that] some have taken this report and exploited it and used it to incite violence, ... I think Newsweek recognizes the responsibility they have. We appreciate the step that they took by retracting the story. Now we would encourage them to move forward and do all that they can to help repair the damage that has been done by this report."
Author: McClellan Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"It looks like there was an organized attempt of terror and violence, and I think it is tragic. It leads nowhere,"
Author: Peres Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"I maintain that nothing useful and lasting can emerge from violence."
Author: Ebadi Quotes Category: Violence Quotes

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