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"Anytime you build a project, you have to look at the benefit/costs. It's hard for folks in New Orleans, who designed for a Cat 3. At the time they designed it, that may have been a reasonable benefit/cost. In Florida you must do the same thing."
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"Let me say straight up that tonight's benefit is not to support cop killers or any other kind of killers."
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"The biggest benefit shareholders will receive is the dividend. Investors should accept what we view as an attractive yield until there is more clarity about the merger integration."
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"It?s the benefit guarantees plus other exposures."
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"We knew going into last year's event we were fortunate to have a race at such a beautiful facility. We always want the Hooters Pro Cup Series races to bring a benefit to the track operators, competitors, fans and especially the community. We feel like we accomplished that in Cook County."
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"So to have someone there full-time after Christmas will be a benefit to our young guys."
"There are a lot of teams trying to get him but if he can join us then I would welcome him here and he would be a benefit."
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"Unfortunately, they're using it so that some people will find this benefit, while others obviously won't,"
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"I think he would bring an interesting perspective and dynamic to the university. The fact that he is a Pueblo native and is familiar with the community and knows the needs of the students who go there. I think that would be a real benefit."
"When you are not in a public arena, you don't have to worry as much about short-term earnings prospects. The other benefit is that you can save substantial money in not having to do regular public reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission and onerous requirements related to auditing."
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"[The GMB has welcomed news of tomorrow's increase in the minimum wage to more than £5 an hour for adult workers. The increase comes after the government accepted the recommendations of a report from the low pay commission. Further increases could take place after another report by the commission next year. ] We welcome the increase in the national minimum wage to £5.05 an hour and we look forward to the new rate of £5.30 next year, ... This will be of great benefit to many of Britain's low-paid workers and is one of the major achievements of the Labour government."
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"We felt an appropriate use of our quota holdings was to turn it into scholarships benefit as many people as possible."
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"There are new technologies currently under development that are astounding there is always room for this category to grow. One of the big challenges when you deal with proprietary performance fabrics is to ensure that the costs involved with developing and producing the fabrics does not make the garments cost prohibitive to the consumer at the end of the day. We are careful to be sensitive to that for the benefit of our customer and we also understand which benefits our customer values as well."
"This was a program enacted as part of a very high-profile, partisan controversy, ... And the other thing is, the benefit is not what people had hoped to see."
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"The water tower is really the benefit that interests the township."
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"When we did make it public that we were not letting anyone watch any longer, the Filipino fans stopped coming. They respected the decision and knew it was for Manny's benefit. They helped us out and we respect that."
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"We've had this tremendous benefit of in-house design for a long time, and people get used to it. The designers are good at what they do, but it's something we can't afford, so we'll have to do what everyone else does and go to the street."
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"A work stoppage doesn't benefit anybody."
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"We're always encouraging our schools to do anything they can to help families keep the costs down. We're always encouraging them to market themselves. It's a benefit."
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"In other words, 81 milligrams a day gives as much benefit as higher doses with potentially less risk of bleeding."

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