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"I cannot express how I feel about the loss of our son. He can't watch his boys grow up because of what these vicious, selfish punks did. He no longer can say, 'I love you Mom.'"
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"I said he would be welcome. He's the Australia coach. I'm here to make sure our boys have the best opportunity to represent Australia so my feelings don't come into play at all."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"It is only 48 hours since (Stevens) played, and 24 hours for the Wasps boys. We've got to see how they recovered in that time. Normally with injuries, we should know in 24 hours if they are going to be fit or not."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"I just have faith in these boys. They got talent, though."
Author: Aliviado Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men."
"Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys."

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