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"Most of these boys have raced horses for so long and never had a filly this good."
Author: Freedman Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Of course they have an image of being bad boys and being the dirty boys of the National Football League, ... but a reputation means nothing. What means something is going out there and executing on that particular day."
Author: Harrison Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"I think our boys ran fairly well as a team."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Everyone, boys and girls, posted personal course times today. That is really incredible."
Author: Fischer Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Just try to keep your head above water until the boys get back. It's as simple as that."
Author: Bowa Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"And two, boys in this culture, and in all cultures all around the world, one of the most humbling things in the world is to be beaten by a girl, or a woman, in anything. I think he articulated that."
Author: Burk Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"The weak boys got culled out and those boys that survived are hardier on average. They live longer."
Author: Catalano Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"They've not been beaten here and we're highly delighted with the result. Our form is pretty good and the boys are talking about improving as well."
Author: Noble Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Everyone has said from day one, 'There's nothing that happened. So far, the findings have been exactly what the boys said — that it did not happen."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"For the first time since I've been coaching, we have more girls than boys."
Author: Padilla Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"They were not taken seriously the way the Beatles were, or the Beach Boys, or the Stones ? bands who were written about."
Author: Elice Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"The Vienna Choir Boys is something I've always wanted to see. To see them in person is just really special."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Sturgis' boys, they don't have a frontrunner, but they have a strong group that runs well together. They could be in the top three."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"We watch football, play video games, shoot the breeze, joke one another. It's just like hanging with your boys at home. It's different, but it'll keep us together."
Author: Hughes Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Hockey has always been a big deal here with the boys program. But people are starting to realize what we're doing. That's good, because we really do have a good team."
Author: O'Connor Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"They're my kids, that's the way I look at it. They're good boys. I know they think they're men, but they're still boys. They're good young men and they're trying to do the right thing."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Bad boys usually tend to mellow over time. At some point, particularly if they haven't won a title and if they are at the top of their game, they realize they can retain their personalities and have fun and avoid some of the drama and hassles they created in the past."
Author: Cuban Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"The boys have been playing real well in front of me, ... I think this was our best defensive night. We didn't let any breakaways or 2-on-1s."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"It's the predator, it's the pedophile, ... We know he's a liar, we know he's a thief -- he stole those boys from his father."
Author: Stokes Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"It is something that I refer to as a little miracle. Boys' Town is a secret that we now want for people to know. For the people around that have nothing else to do, I really want to offer them hope. The hope that there is a future out there for them and I want them to understand that there are people out there that care for them. The thing is, they'll not care until they find out that we care."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Boys Quotes

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