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Brave Quotes

98 Brave quotes:

"It is amidst great perils we see brave hearts."
"When we love, we are courageous; and courage has nothing to do with being fearless, it’s about being willing to experience fear, even dread, to do what we must, without guarantee of outcome."
Author: Bonta Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"Physical courage, which despises all danger, will make a man brave in one way; and moral courage, which despises all opinion, will make a man brave in another."
"Even if the doctor does not give you a year, even if he hesitates about a month, make one brave push and see what can be accomplished in a week."
Author: Stevenson Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"[Calling Hashimi] a brave and dedicated public servant, ... we are deeply saddened."
Author: Chalabi Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"Cchoose to be brave and to keep moving forward. Don't let your options paralyze you."
Author: Fiorina Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"But only a brief momentis granted to the braveone breath or two, whose wage isThe long nights of the grave."
Author: Iqbal Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"I am brave, but I take a view. It is an educated view. I am careful. I am not reckless."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Brave Quotes British Businessman Quotes
"He was very brave and I'll miss him always."
Author: Erwin Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"I have done one brave thing - Than all the Worthies did; And yet a braver thence doth spring - Which is to keep that hid"
Author: Donne Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"It is always brave to say what everyone thinks."
"Valor never dies as long as brave souls, willingly give their lives for our freedom. Some may take this sacrifice for granted, while parents of these soldiers pray for the safety of their children. These young men and women who protect our great country in battlefields throughout the world fight for our freedom. We must pray for their safe return, and give honor to those who have fallen."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"Honorable retreats are no ways inferior to brave charges, as having less fortune, more of discipline, and as much valor."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"No detail was too small for him to chase and to check, ... He was dedicated and brave and brilliant, and he had a deep strain of wisdom and conscience."
Author: Amanpour Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"And old rat is a brave rat."
"`O Mr Hodgitts!' I heard her cry, `you are brave! for my sake do not be rash!' He was not rash."
Author: Graham Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"I was trying to be brave on that one. It was a simple 6-yard out and was trying to take what I could get."
Author: Blackmon Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"Brave deeds are wasted when hidden"
Author: Pascal Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"To be meek, patient, tactful, modest, honorable, brave, is not to be either manly or womanly; it is to be human"
Author: Harrison Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"Be brave if you lose and meek if you win."

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