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"But there is some way in which poets believe that and this is dangerous, too believe that their calling gives them a certain freedom. A certain freedom to live in a free way."
"I suppose I have a highly developed capacity for self-delusion, so it's no problem for me to believe that I'm somebody else."
"I just think that some version of the past in our culture is going to rise up and become dominant."
"Poetry was invented as an mnemonic device to enable people to remember their prayers."
"The Architect is just one of a series of works which examine the confrontation of innocence and experience, illustrating the complex ethics of power that exist between reader and writer, critic and artist, the human and the divine."
"And there are a lot more people reading poetry, but there are not so many people reading an individual poet."
"Give me a sword fight any day."
"You heard it from the heart, you saw it in their eyes. Then I got used to the fact that I couldn't feel my fingers and my feet. That for me was the essence of the battle."
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"After I got my first laugh on stage, I was hooked."
"I think you always learn something in every character you play onstage, either personally or creatively."
"I never try to completely do a character, if you know what I mean. I always feel like I'm just being me, but in the character's situation."
"I don't know what my limitations are until I reach them. I look for the challenge."
"I'd like to be a passion fruit. Not because it's passionate, but because someone I know is mad about them and has got me onto them."
"I found that if I got up on the stage to entertain the troops I could make them shut up and look."
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"It was Noel Coward whose technique I envied and tried to emulate. I collected all his records and writing."
"The reason one writes poems is so that your poem will be remembered."
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"It seems we are capable of immense love and loyalty, and as capable of deceit and atrocity. It's probably this shocking ambivalence that makes us unique."
"The more poetry you have in the head, the more poetry you will understand because you will be getting to the roots of what it is that makes people write poetry at all."
"In my youth, I found that I was quite often inspired and pushed forward by what I read."
"I didn't set out to make this kind of picture. It just came my way. But its been going on for me for 16 years now and its wonderful for an actor to work consistently. There seems to be an insatiable audience for this type of film."

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