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"He's been silent on the issue. He's been unengaged and showing absolutely no leadership. And I think it's critical that he do so as we go into the busiest and most troubling time of the year from a price perspective."
Author: Daschle Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"It's the total package to me. His leadership is very important. He's been around a long time. He knows how to communicate with players young and old. He still can swing a bat. He's the kind of guy who brings a lot to the table and is instrumental in many ways that you might not see."
"There are a lot of people in leadership just because they were the first in."
Author: Weber Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"Perhaps the most central characteristic of authentic leadership is the relinquishing of the impulse to dominate others."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"It's pretty easy to criticize leadership."
Author: Blunt Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"Leadership is accountable to results."
"He has shown, basically in my mind, the signs of leadership."
Author: Quinn Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"Leadership has a harder job to do than just choose sides. It must bring sides together."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"Leadership is a two-way street, loyalty up and loyalty down. Respect for one's superiors; care for one's crew."
Author: Hopper Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"yet another reminder that the governor has failed to provide leadership in Sacramento and work with the Legislature to get things done."
"Management works in the system; Leadership works on the system."
"We don't expect to give, in any shape or form, any leeway in our leadership in the technology. It will be interesting to see the things we will be doing later in the year, which will again force [Intel] to react."
Author: Ruiz Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"Doug's medical, regulatory and leadership skills make him an outstanding addition to CDER's senior management team and I am honored that he has agreed to continue as my deputy. Doug has brought invaluable leadership and support to me and others in the Agency and I'm confident that he will continue to do an outstanding job working to protect and advance public health."
Author: Galson Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"Their leadership wouldn't settle for one year. We offered to settle, but they wanted a two-year contract."
"Leadership in today's world requires far more than a large stock of gunboats and a hard fist at the conference table."
"Every man in leadership positions must know when it's time to hand over the reins to someone else,"
Author: Nagin Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"Leadership does not depend on being right."
"Whatever way I can be a part of the team, whether it's with morale, leadership or helping guys behind the scenes, then I'm going to do that."
Author: Wynn Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"We have to continue to push, not get down on ourselves and find that leadership."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"No one is the same player at 31 that they were at 26. But you never lose that leadership. It gets better as you mature because you have seen so many things."
Author: Newsome Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes

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