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British Dramatist Quotes

84 British Dramatist quotes:

"The knowledge that we have about what it is to be human that we have as a child is something we necessarily must lose."
"The more my work improves or broadens or widens, the more surely I tame myself."
"The strangest thing that human speech and human writing can do is create a metaphor. That is an amazing leap, is it not?"
"The thing about imagination is that by the very act of putting it down, there must be some truth in one's own imagination."
"The trouble with words is that you never know whose mouths they have been in."
"Therapy, as opposed to analysis, is a whole construct of myth, beautiful and creative."
"There's no end to the inventiveness of critics, I tell you. Because they can't write fiction, they put their impulse into their analysis of work."
"To love it too much is to obscure and not see what is there."
"You have to assert something about yourself in order to be yourself."
"A fair observer only has to ask: If there is violence, who profits?"
"Genocide is an attempt to exterminate a people, not to alter their behavior."
"It would be hard to ignore the absence of democracy in any Arab nation."
"Martin Luther King Jr., recognized bias when he saw it, knew what he was talking about."
"More recently, as faith gave way to materialism, anti-Semitism assumed a secular mode, harnessing itself to the dominant ideologies of both the Left and the Right."
"The disappearance of the Jewish state will not mean the disappearance of anti-Semitism."
"The situation in the West Bank and Gaza involves a military occupation amid urban guerrilla warfare, analogous to the British security measures in Northern Island, that hopefully will end with a cease-fire."
"When towns have sent out suicide bombers to fire incessantly and indiscriminately into Jewish communities, they become legitimate targets."
"The loss of Eden is personally experienced by every one of us as we leave the wonder and magic and also the pains and terrors of childhood."
"Avoid context and specifics; generalize and keep repeating the generalization."
"Without a Jewish state, the iron truth of history is that the Jewish people sooner or later become even more vulnerable to the next wave of anti-Semitism."

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