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"Without society, and a society to our taste, men are never contented"
Author: Jefferson Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"We've done our part. And as I walk off into the city streets, a final word to the men and women of the Reagan revolution, the men and women across America who for 8 years did the work that brought America back. My friends: We did it. We weren't just marking time. We made a difference. We made the city stronger, we made the city freer, and we left her in good hands. All in all, not bad, not bad at all. (Farewell Address to the Nation, January 20th, 1989)"
Author: Reagan Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"Wise men appreciate all men, for they see the good in each and know how hard it is to make anything good"
Author: Gracian Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"Observe all men, thyself most."
Author: Franklin Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"The man, most man, works best for men: and, if most man indeed, he gets his manhood plainest from his soul."
Author: Browning Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"If a thousand men were not to pay their tax-bills this year, that would not be a violent and bloody measure, as it would be to pay them, and enable the State to commit violence and shed innocent blood. This is, in fact, the definition of a peaceable revolution, if any such is possible."
"Men have become the tools of their tools."
"A man can be destroyed but not defeated."
"Man is the only animal of which I am thoroughly and cravenly afraid of."
Author: Shaw Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"The Ideal Man should talk to us as if we were goddesses, and treat us as if we were children. He should refuse all our serious requests, and gratify every one of our whims. He should encourage us to have caprices, and forbid us to have missions. He should always say much more than he means, and always mean much more than he says."
Author: Wilde Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"The need for prostitution arises from the fact that many men are either unmarried or away from their wives on journeys, that such men are not content to remain continent, and that in a conventionally virtuous community they do not find respectable women."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"...There are more things to admire in men than to despise."
Author: Camus Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"Some old men, continually praise the time of their youth. In fact, you would almost think that there were no fools in their days, but unluckily they themselves are left as an example."
"Not to go back is somewhat to advance, and men must walk, at least, before they dance."
"Those who have changed the universe have never done it by changing officials, but always by inspiring the people."
Author: Bonaparte Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"A good painter is to paint two main things, men and the working of man's mind."
Author: Vinci Quotes Category: Men Quotes Painters And Painting Quotes
"Wise men ne'er sit and wail their woes"
Author: Shakespeare Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"Men are strong only so long as they represent a strong idea. They become powerless when they oppose it."
Author: Freud Quotes Category: Men Quotes Austrian Psychologist Quotes
"Civilized society is perpetually menaced with disintegration through this primary hostility of men towards one another"
Author: Freud Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked about bad men not looking you in the face. Don't trust that conventional idea. Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance any day in the week, if there is anything to be got by it."

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