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Cars Quotes

141 Cars quotes:

"You know what? We tried to get here early enough so he could park cars (too)."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"I had great cars."
Author: Ward Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"You know, to see both cars run well this year, it's outstanding. It means a lot, because we know the equipment is the same. These guys have done an outstanding job."
Author: Hendrick Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"If you finish 43rd and the other guys finish in the 20s, there's still a lot of cars separating you. If you want it to come down to where all 10 guys have a shot, then it would be great to just be racing 10 guys."
Author: Evernham Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"When you get into a pack of cars, then you feel the problem worst, handicapping the driver and handicapping our ability to race. When there's a crosswind, the cars suffer badly as well, which makes them even more difficult to control. They are always fun to drive, but motor racing should be about the best drivers racing the best cars, which offers the best challenge, and my feeling now is that we have come to a bit of a cul-de-sac."
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"The city isn't obligated to permit an event on a public street that encourages the vandalism of subway cars in the name of selling T-shirts and video games."
Author: Skyler Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"As they're sorting cars for each destination, the locomotive or the set of rail cars has to go back and forth ... and change the routing of rail cars to another track, ... I know it's very frustrating to see that."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"We had a plan and that was that all of the orange and white cars were going to stay together and hopefully use the draft and stay quick, ... I was catching Eric (Curran) by quite a bit and I thought that it wasn't going to be as good of a lap but it turned out it was excellent."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"The way it worked out, with so many cars out, there was a lot less susceptibility to cautions and crashes, ... I'm just happy to have been up front and have a good consistent race car."
Author: Newman Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"We had a plan that all the Acura cars would stay together and use the draft, ... I was gaining on Eric (Curran) and everything went well when I put that one lap together."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"[On] Heard 'Em Say, ... cop cars without seeing cop cars."
Author: West Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"It was unfortunate what happened (to Montoya) near the end, ... We deserved to have both cars on the podium."
Author: Raikkonen Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"Some nights we'll finish sooner than others. It all depends on how many cars we have. We try to finish by midnight, but we don't turn cars away."
Author: Hines Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"My week consists ... five days out of the seven I've got at least three cars of paparazzi on me that I've got to either lose or whatever,"
Author: Pitt Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"We'd certainly rather see the rail cars through puffing and chugging, but that's never going to happen."
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"For the most part, it is street-licensed cars. It is not the Indianapolis 500."
Author: Kaplan Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"I am really happy about this result. I think it's fantastic for a new team having both cars in the points, especially considering where Jacques started."
Author: Heidfeld Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"Me and my partners had been stealing cars for a while."
"We had about three or four rooms that the roof was torn off of. There were cars in the front parking lot and the back parking lot that were damaged."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"I have enjoyed working with Sterling all these years, ... He knows what he wants from the cars and he is not afraid to let you know. We always have worked well together and we look forward to the race this weekend in Tennessee."
Author: Glover Quotes Category: Cars Quotes

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