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"I like the Mexican flags and the fast cars. I like when they passed out a lot of candies."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"I'm seeing something and I'm not standing silent about it. Humans are pushed out to make room for cars."
Author: Terkel Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"We're going to have a ribbon-cutting and a new showing of the new cars."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"I came up the hill on the restart, and all I could see was smoke and cars spinning into the wall, so I just squeezed as far left as fast as I could, and fortunately I missed the whole thing. It was just like Days of Thunder!"
Author: Frisselle Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"Dover has been a frustrating track for me. We've had top-10 cars at times, but couldn't put the finishing touches on the race. This past spring we couldn't get the car to turn right. Hopefully we can get a good handle on this new car we are taking and make my 100th start a memorable one."
Author: Mears Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"[Driver Greg Biffle said a member of his crew took a photo of the Hendrick cars failing the height inspection at Dover.] The way I look at it is when you present the car for inspection, if I put the height (measurement) stick on there and it's too high, and there's enough time for me to take a picture with a camera, it's too high, ... I don't care what else happens.. .. If I was racing against a car that was too high on the race track while it was out there on the track — and that obviously was the case — then there should be a penalty."
Author: Biffle Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"The cars passed postrace inspection, ... The shock absorbers themselves, after being tested and disassembled and everything, all of the parts and pieces were well within the confines of the rule book. However, the shock build -- the assembly of the parts and what the shock it intended to do -- it's not within the spirit and the intent of what our shock absorber rules surround."
Author: Darby Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"There were 58 cars here, so I guess we had one-in-58 odds, but really it was a lot taller than that. Really, you don't have a prayer. ... A combination of everything did it for us."
Author: Shelmerdine Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"October was even better than I expected. Cars are cheaper, GM is back from the strike, and despite what's happening in the stock market, consumer confidence levels are high."
Author: Healy Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"Twenty-six thousand cars go through that light."
Author: Mika Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"We were testing too close to an event. We didn't have time to react once we got the cars back to the shop to make changes of any substance."
Author: Knaus Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"Many of the cars are made here in the U.S., and they're very much in the fabric of the culture here today, Any American make ....."
Author: France Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"It was just the fact that ours (fuel use) was so visible; our cars used gas. If you took a typical NFL weekend, with planes criss-crossing the country with teams, one team would use as much or more fuel back and forth across the country than we would in 10 races or so."
Author: Hunter Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"Drivers don't know what' going in these race cars, ever. Jimmie isn't really into knowing what is going on with the race cars. He shows up and drives and gives his feedback and goes home."
Author: Knaus Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"These muscles won't propel our cars yet, but they could operate the windows and door locks in fuel cell vehicles, or could serve as replaceable artificial muscles in lifelike robots."
Author: Madden Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"I see two or three cars that are really good, but they're not dominant. There's usually somebody who's got one that's a little bit better than everybody."
Author: Petty Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"If I invest a million dollars in GM stock, it doesn't entitle me to take cars off the lot."
Author: Riley Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"I think we might see some changes, maybe expanding the number of cars in the Chase, ... but not that one."
Author: Mayfield Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"All of the AMC cars that we had were good, long-lasting cars. I've gotten thousands--tens of thousands at this point--of great e-mails with AMC stories from people over the years, and only two were negative so far."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"It looks like somebody took a machine gun, shot out all the windows and put holes in the cars. All of our 110 cars sustained some kind of damage."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Cars Quotes

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