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"We were having so much trouble getting the cars feeling the same, I started questioning the work the guys were doing if they were cutting corners or setting them up right. I questioned what was going on with the weight, and we got to looking in the books and saw it got away from us."
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"To get the cars all equal, they have to weigh the same. Now the cars are all within 5-10 pounds, and that's pretty good. I believe we are over the hump, and by [this] evening, you'll see a darn good race. We'll have some passing."
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"Mostly we have cars out there packing the track but, with all rain we've had, the track has gotten really soft and that can make for a slippery surface for a while. It usually takes about three or four weeks to get completely ready."
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"Usually when they do something like this, there will be just a few cars out there. On Sunday, every race car there was on the track. He sure will be missed."
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"The cars have changed so much from the days of Janet Guthrie - they drive so much differently that I think a lady with the talent and with the drive could come in here today and not only participate but be competitive."
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"In 2004 we went and observed student parking lots and half the cars were cars the institute does not recommend,"
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"I see individuals scurrying to get into more fuel-efficient cars. Then they find out they owe more on their 2004 vehicle than what they could get as a trade-in."
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"I still think it's a stretch with all of those cars in between. We just have to try to lead some laps and win some races."
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"They're dressing like in the 50's when they come out to the shows, and many of them have vintage cars."
"Can I tell you how strange it is to look in your rearview mirror and see guys in cars tailing you?"
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"When cars are launched, we see the first year of a redesigned model as less reliable than later years. First-year blues, we call it."
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"We talked about everything. We talked about cars, we talked about the trip that John took down Route 66."
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"There's a lot of defective cars out there. It's estimated nationwide that 1 in 10 cars are lemons."
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"These foreign manufacturers, they simply make better cars."
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"From the exterior, GM's newest cars are not that different from what they had before,"
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"From the exterior, GM's newest cars are not that different from what they had before."
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"One thing that really helped me decide that I needed to go was their program of consolidating all the cars. I used to have a plate where they built my cars. One guy was the leader, they had a couple of 'grunts' around him and they built the car. That guy had spent 10 years of his life working up the stepladder to become a plate leader. Now, they have him putting right-front fenders on all five cars. The personality and identity is gone. I think that's a mistake as far as operating a business. We'll see how that turns out for them."
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"It's a natural relationship when you have more cars on the roadways,"
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"There's certainly going to be more crossovers shown, more hybrids, and small cars. The new Toyota Camry hybrid is coming out and that's going to be huge."
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"Then, at the end, the lapped cars were really tough to get around on the restarts and that got me way behind,"
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