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Caution Quotes

173 Caution quotes:

"The slowdown in job growth has curbed consumers' confidence. The level of consumer optimism has fallen off and caution has returned. Until the job market and pace of hiring picks up, this cautious attitude will prevail."
Author: Franco Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"With his medical history, we're obviously going to err on the side of caution."
Author: Mann Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"Those factors caution against extrapolating the third-quarter surge,"
Author: O'Sullivan Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"The report should be treated with extreme caution. It is being heavily spun."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"Those factors caution against extrapolating the third-quarter surge."
Author: O'Sullivan Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"All medicines must be treated with caution."
Author: Dillon Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"A slowdown in GDP could inject a note of caution in copper and the other metals. All of the metals are a down a little bit today."
Author: Selkin Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"We're trying to warn surfers that we have high surf and strong rip currents and they should use extreme caution."
Author: Cunningham Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"We'd caution about becoming too optimistic given a number of challenges, such as very weak (free cash flow)."
Author: Barry Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"This is slightly baffling, given that existing home sales have been strengthening, ... It may be a reflection of caution on the part of builders, who have been reluctant to keep pace with sales because of fear the market strength will not last."
"I think the first word of caution is; It's not the kind of market where you need to jump in immediately on these downs. We've trained investors so much over the past decade and a half: Buy the dip, buy the dip."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"The word is 'caution. We have to look at a mission and decide if a civilian capability is available and appropriate."
Author: McHale Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"When a fox preaches, take care of your geese."
Author: Proverbs Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"Consumer caution was shaping up as the major domestic risk to the Australian economic outlook in 2006. Good labor market outcomes were always going to be the best antidote to this caution."
Author: Blythe Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"We always take the side of caution when there's any type of rumors or any implied threats. We always want to take the high road and prepare for it, so in the event that something does happen we're there and ready for it."
Author: Jefferson Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"Whether or not this consumer caution becomes a persistent theme in 2006 will depend to a large extent on labor market trends."
Author: Blythe Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"More firm and sure the hand of courage strikes, when it obeys the watchful eye of caution."
Author: Thomson Quotes Category: Caution Quotes Scottish Musician Quotes
"We cannot rule out a situation in which a preemptive policy tightening becomes necessary, ... Such caution seems especially warranted with regard to the sharp rise in equity prices during the past two years. These gains have obviously raised questions of sustainability."
Author: Greenspan Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"The economy is downshifting from delirious to deliberate and we have just passed a sign saying 'Proceed with Caution,' ... Last year was great; this year will be merely good."
Author: Press Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"What we're getting are increasing signs of caution on the part of consumer. You simply can't be in this society and read all the headlines about job losses going on without wondering if this is going to apply to you sometime."
Author: Allyn Quotes Category: Caution Quotes

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