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648 Christmas quotes:

"Charlie Brown's message, decrying the commercialization of Christmas, is even more relevant today than it was in 1965."
"We came out lethargic in the first half. Audra (Major's) back was bothering her like it did before Christmas, and the guards really had to step it up."
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"Xbox 360 is a new product with new technology, so the slow start is understandable, but next Christmas the Xbox is not going to be there by itself. Newer consoles from Sony and Nintendo will also be there."
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"All those foreign players will be moaning about the amount of games they have played over Christmas. Richard is 37 and he's played four in a week. He was magnificent."
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"When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things - not the great occasions - give off the greatest glow of happiness."~"
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"Coming into Christmas I didn't even know if I was playing again. I know the girls had a lot of desire to win. I think people lost a bit of faith in us when we lost a few games, but we just knew we could win it."
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"Post-Christmas economic statistics have been inconclusive, with those from the retail and manufacturing sectors on the negative side, while house prices are showing signs of improvement. Therefore, despite earlier hopes of a cut this time, a no-change decision was widely expected. However, we firmly believe the trend is still downwards and therefore this is a cut 'deferred', not a change of heart."
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"I contacted them right before Christmas, and Forrest said he would give me a call back in a couple of weeks. He never called."
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"The Tories have to be able to force a vote next month. Otherwise, it gets too close to Christmas,"
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"It would have been a very tight squeeze. If they were going to miss Christmas, there just wasn't a good reason to push it for 2006."
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"Ever since Christmas the kids said they were sick of getting pushed around and the least we can do is go and fight. I can't say enough about our kids' effort. It was unbelievable."
"Since I was 15 years old I've never been able to spend Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving (with friends and family). This was the first time I was able to enjoy a Super Bowl."
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"It was our busiest Christmas ever."
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"Andy is out for the Christmas period."
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"I think it is one of the most beautiful Christmas trees I've ever seen."
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"I hope everyone has a wonderful time this Christmas, and comes back refreshed and excited about the coming season."
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"[This year] we expect a three times larger Internet Christmas season over last year, and last year was three times over the prior year, ... The winners are going to win disproportionately. Amazon is the head of the pack."
"There are several interesting questions such as was there one original 'father' Christmas or were there several different ones?"
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"I spent one Christmas away from my family and that was enough. It's not the same just talking on the phone. I need to be here."
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"Many may ask how can we celebrate Christmas and be cheerful with the wall imprisoning us."
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