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Circumstance Quotes

602 Circumstance quotes:

"..every day lost makes the circumstances worse"
"A classic is a book that survives the circumstances that made it possible yet alone keeps those circumstances alive."
Author: Kazin Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances."
Author: Baden-Powell Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes English Soldier Quotes
"A situation may arise where he's a better option than what we have. There aren't too many guys you can bring in under these circumstances and be sure they won't be afraid."
"A thorough investigation of the cause and circumstances of this terrible accident will be undertaken by federal and state mine regulatory officials."
"Accept this for what it is: an emotional reaction to tragic circumstances. But are people going to stop spending? No."
"All of the measures that we are seeking to put in place are balanced and appropriate for the circumstances that we face, ... We're not targeting specific members of the community."
"Almost all people have this potential for evil, which would be unleashed only under certain dangerous social circumstances."
Author: Chang Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes Chinese Historian Quotes
"Although, it's under tragic circumstances I'm here, I just hope this will be able to motivate Tykala to keep working hard in achieving her goals,"
"an attack against a diplomat in such circumstances is an attack against democracy, the founding principle of the European Union."
Author: Prodi Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"An idea is, in the end, always stronger than circumstances"
"an international investigation ... without delay to determine the circumstances and responsibilities of this tragedy and to bring those responsible to justice."
"And he will talk about how we have adapted to circumstances and challenges on the ground when it comes to the economic front. The Iraqi people are making steady progress."
"Any plan conceived in moderation must fail when the circumstances are set in extremes."
Author: Metternich Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes Moderation Quotes
"Anybody who looks at this case and doesn't know the circumstances of it is going to say 'why?', and I think that's what the president kind of naturally asked,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"Anything that deters tourists from coming to a place would affect it, but not knowing the circumstances it is hard to react now."
"As I told him, I wasn't going to sit here and tell him not to go, but I told him that he made a good decision under the circumstances because of the injuries he has had over the last 2 1/2 years."
"As it currently stands, I don't see any extraordinary circumstances, ... extraordinary circumstances."
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"As much as it eats you up inside not to play (quarterback), you've got to understand the circumstances, ... If I can make myself useful to this team, that's another day of experience I'm getting. I'll do whatever they need me to do for that."
"As well as he could be under the circumstances. He's not down in the dumps or whatever. He's still operating in the office. But he's just like anyone else who's going through what he's going through right now. He's not as excited as he normally would be. But he sounded pretty good to me."

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