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"Let us use the evolution controversy to intensify our efforts to provide a world-class education to our students and to support the faculty who engage in the important research and teaching missions of our schools and universities,"
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"I would take the wrong approach for a teacher, I guess... But there was always someone in a class who would raise an objection to my way. They'd want to get into an argument with me. And I was no good at arguing. So I figured if that was what teaching was like, I better leave it to someone who knows how to maneuver an argument. I'd stick to what I knew-painting. So I didn't stay long at the Los Angeles County Artists School."
Author: Rockwell Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"It's time for guys to stop apologizing about being guys. You can take a gourmet cooking class or have a Labrador retriever and still have a standing poker game with your male friends,"
Author: Salzman Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"For the duration of its collective life, or the time during which its identity may be assumed, each class resembles a hotel or an omnibus, always full, but always of different people."
Author: Schumpeter Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"He finally grew into his weight class. He's got a lot of experience compared to other (103) kids."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"I have the most confidence in this freshman class, they're unbelievable."
Author: Kovesdy Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"Basically, with few exceptions, we have missed the alternative class. There's certain products we've not been involved in that we should be involved in and will invest in."
Author: Mack Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation; and this means we must develop a world perspective."
Author: King Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"Low price of natural gas inputs, provision of world class port services, tax exemption for a renewable period of five years and encouragement of foreign capital in natural gas-based industrial projects led to the implementation of many projects with a total cost of $13 billion."
Author: Macki Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"(My hope is) for it to be a first-class facility that will serve the citizens of Orangeburg and Orangeburg County while also being a facility that will attract teams from all over the Southeast to play on our fields, use our hotels and eat at our restaurants. (It) is going to be a definite economic benefit to the community."
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"I think this class filled some needs. We got some tall, athletic receivers and four big, strong corners. Hopefully, some of those guys can help us right away."
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"You know what they call the fellow who finishes last in his medical school graduating class? They call him 'Doctor.'"
"I don't know that we've ever brought in four tackles of that size in one class, even when we were at Georgia Tech. We've got some players."
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"It was really overwhelming to see the way that people responded - the kind of class and grace, and compassion and support, and resourcefulness that people showed. It was almost like rather than knocking us down, Sept. 11 kind of stepped us up. I was very impressed with that. It showed me that there's really nothing we can't handle."
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"He's been very professional. He's a quiet guy anyway but he's been great. He's been a first-class citizen professionally. Yesterday's practice he and Julius (Hodge) were the two best players on the basketball court."
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"Design has nothing to do with economic class. If I were designing for Cartier or Tiffany, I would expend the same energy."
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"The skills we develop are skills we need everywhere in the organization. Why teach drawing to accountants? Because drawing class doesn't just teach people to draw. It teaches them to be more observant. There's no company on earth that wouldn't benefit from having people become more observant."
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"[Matson also said the photos are helpful to the students when completing class projects.] The classes I teach are project-based, and I make students bond in the beginning of class and learn names, but they must sustain that, ... The pictures help students communicate with each other."
Author: Matson Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"We were in a lot of close matches. There was no question we had the toughest schedule in Class L."
Author: Whitmore Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"The seniors have been playing together forever. We're tight. We're not done yet. We want to prove this senior class is the best senior class."
Author: Fortner Quotes Category: Class Quotes

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