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"I've been with coach four years and he's helped me grow up. I came here, I'm fresh out of high school, he tested me and brought great things in me."
Author: Strickland Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"He knows Coach Turner's offense like the back of his hand, ... He knows the plays and the terminologies."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"Our defenses confuse a lot of people. It confused us when coach put it in. Once we get it, the other team is in trouble."
Author: Stinson Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"I came here in a pair of flip-flops and shorts, and my son's track coach lent me a pair of boots and a boat,"
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"That's our team. We're way too competitive. We're not just going to, as coach says, 'Slap it out there.' We're going to go out there, and plays are going to be made, people are going to be hit."
Author: Zbikowski Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"I've been working all year long with [hitting coach Gene Clines] and I think that's one of the differences. It works,"
Author: Blanco Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"For me it's the fact that he's a players' coach."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"Things are lot different now. He's more of a disciplined, in-your-face type coach. It's something we needed. I feel like we were a little too relaxed around here."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"You didn't know I could hit, did you coach?"
Author: Small Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"This game is the most important for me as the coach of Spain. In fact probably ever,"
Author: Aragones Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"It was a great feeling (to sit out) because I didn't feel good at all, ... I was telling Coach when I was getting ready to go back in that I wasn't feeling that well and he just told me to come back, and fortunately everything worked out fine. I just didn't feel good. I was dizzy out there the whole game. Once I stopped playing at halftime and came back in, I just never felt right. I think I'm coming down with something."
Author: Iverson Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"It was cool. My coach doesn't really look for me to score. I just look to play defense, rebound and run the floor, and I guess everything else will come."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"I've still got a year left on my contract, and I intend to be back next year to coach."
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"I think it's the role of the offensive coordinator, the special teams coordinator and the defensive coordinator to coach the coaches as hard as he coaches the players. As hard as I push on them, they've got to push everybody else just as hard. I think that's important that they understand in and out that they set up, they push and make sure that the position coaches cover every detail or they cover it so that every detail gets covered."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"No coach has ever won a game by what he knows; it's what his players know that counts."
"He's a great coach. I've taken a lot off the court from him and I'm sure I'll use it when I go to college."
Author: Foard Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"[LSU offensive line coach Stacy Searels and head coach Les Miles, a former Michigan guard and offensive line coach, say center is the most natural position for Niswanger, though he has the 6-foot-5, 294-pound build of a tackle.] Rudy is quick and smart, which are two things you have to be play center, ... He fits in very well there and has played very well. He calls a lot of the blocking assignments and has been good at that."
Author: Miles Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"Coach Hazell in the pre-meeting before we were heading over to the skull session took ill and – and the trainers thought it would be best if they took him over from a preventative standpoint, took him over to the hospital. The word I got as we were coming up is that he's doing fine and don't know for sure if he'll be out today, but they feel good about where they have him and he'll be fine."
Author: Tressel Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"Coach Donovan told me at halftime to keep shooting."
Author: Humphrey Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"I told Coach to take me out. It's [the virus] still in there."
Author: James Quotes Category: Coach Quotes

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