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"Scott's current contract ends next month and we would obviously like him to stay, whether that be as head coach or in his former capacity as skills coach."
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"Kevin's a great coach and the hands-on guy that's taken Eli through all the mental processes. Being his position coach, it's Kevin's responsibility to teach him how to conduct his business and how to accept his role as a team leader."
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"They've been together for some years, they know each other well, and they have a coach who works very well. They've proved they're a good team by doing so well over recent years."
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"I think there are a lot of similarities with the 1997 team. This is part of why you coach, the excitement of being in the NCAA tournament."
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"He's by far the most laid-back coach I've ever had,"
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"Obviously you draft a player, (and) you really, really, really like the player. You really, really want to coach him."
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"One of the reasons why is because everybody thinks Coach (John) Fox does it. Here is this (former) defensive coordinator (in Fox); he comes here and all of a sudden the defense is good. A lot of people just think that's what it is."
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"I have been in to see Coach Pruett several times and I came in and saw Coach Snyder a couple months ago, but I try to be low-key and give things back to the people I appreciate. Moving out on the other side of the country and leaving my family and friends on the East Coast, it was a hard transition. My home is here on the East Coast. I'm a West Virginia native."
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"As a coach, I could lie and tell you the standard thing about, 'Oh, we'll let that fly under the rug,' but that's not how we operate. This is a team game. It's about all 11 and not just one."
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"I'm real honored to share (Coach-of-the Year honors) with Coach Thomas. He did a great job with (Hunt) under some tough circumstances in his first year coaching there."
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"Coach told me earlier in the game that it was going to be my game and I was going to make a play to win. Gibson played great D. I just made a better shot."
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"I don't think it's any easier. I really don't. My first couple years as head coach, I ran around selling a dream, and I'm still selling a dream, only there is a little more substance to it now because we've taken a step in the right direct. But it's still just as hard of work to close the deal. And any time you relax, I don't think you'll do very well. You have to work just as hard as before."
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"My coach even said that I played well. That's really new. I'm really happy with that."
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"Every day is not the same thing here. Turf, no turf, coach, no coach, general manager, no general manager. You can never be surprised here. You must always be ready."
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"I got that last year. All I said was 'If you really want to be here, coach is going to be here.' There's nothing on paper, but I knew he was going to be here."
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"Lugosi was not well. I had to coach him through some scenes, and I was very pleased when Karloff came on the scene and was very sensitive in coaching him through the sequences. Lugosi was one of the finest actors I ever worked with."
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"Anytime a player or coach leaves an organization, when you come back, you want to win. It was definitely strange and as the game got closer the heart started beating faster, but it was nice to see the fans and to get the game going."
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"Down low, it's going to be a whole different mindset. The coaches are going to have to coach to the new rules and that's going to make for a lot of changes in philosophy."
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"I think that is probably the worst game that I have experienced as a coach at Kansas in the last four or five years. It was very disappointing."
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"I think (any involved) coach would be putting his job in jeopardy."
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