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College Quotes

731 College quotes:

"It's going to be a battle. It always is. There are few rivalries like BC-BU in college hockey. And at home it should be a great atmosphere. The student body is rowdy and it definitely gives us a bit of an edge."
Author: Harrold Quotes Category: College Quotes
"It's appalling -- it's really astounding. Only 31 percent of college graduates can read a complex book and extrapolate from it. That's not saying much for the remainder."
Author: Gorman Quotes Category: College Quotes
"She proved that she can step up and perform at the college level. She played almost 40 minutes a game, that's like playing an extra seven games this year. Also in college, there is much more banging and hounding you, especially after you're named the Rookie of the Week and leading the team in scoring."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: College Quotes
"As the college has evolved, certainly research has become a more important component of what we do. They've really got a good graduate program now."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: College Quotes
"We try to make our high school games the same standard that people get in a college game, with instant replay, sideline reports and full graphics,"
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: College Quotes
"(This year) feels like being in college again."
Author: Udeze Quotes Category: College Quotes
"He really can shoot college threes."
Author: Barnes Quotes Category: College Quotes
"There's only one Brett - thank goodness - but they have a lot of (the same) characteristics. They both played in college at small schools. They pretty much carried their teams on their shoulders. They overcame a lot of deficiencies that the teams might have had. They're both winners, competitors. Tough, smart. There are a lot of similarities."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: College Quotes
"When I talk to college students about Spy, it's like I'm describing something that happened in the 19th century. We were very lucky. We started Spy at a time when our generation had arrived at full adulthood and wanted to connect to its anti-establishment youth."
Author: Andersen Quotes Category: College Quotes Magazines Quotes
"I've taught him everything he knows. I put him under my wing in college and created a monster."
Author: Foote Quotes Category: College Quotes
"He's a great athlete. He did some tremendous things on the junior college level. We're hoping he can do the same thing here."
Author: Comegy Quotes Category: College Quotes
"I think he is the best lefty in South Jersey. He is going to Wallace State, a junior college in Alabama that is consistently ranked in the top five of the country."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: College Quotes
"I don?t regret coming to college. I had a fun year. I had a great year on the court, and off the court at school."
Author: Anthony Quotes Category: College Quotes
"We are extremely grateful to the university and their commitment to the Honors College because this increase really helps us to continue to attract the best and the brightest to Penn State."
Author: Calvert Quotes Category: College Quotes
"You've got four very competitive regions. It's a great sign for where college hockey is at. All 16 teams are competitive."
Author: Hakstol Quotes Category: College Quotes
"That's the way college football is. They come and they go. You have to learn to live without them. It's nice if you have guys behind them. They know what they're doing. Now will they be as good as those other guys? That's the question."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: College Quotes
"He said, 'Mark, he makes me feel like he's a college professor and I'm a kindergarten student,' ... He said, 'He is the most intuitive horseman I've ever been around,' and that was high praise, because his father didn't give any praise. He's one of the best natural horsemen I ever met."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: College Quotes
"When you recruit in college, you do those things. Those are the things you think about. How you drive a guy around the city? What routes do you take? Where do you take him to show him? Do you involve the wife? Who's important to him? Who's going to help him make the decision? Those are all the things we talked about and were important for us to do, as we brought these guys to town. And I think that's helped us acquire the guys we have."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: College Quotes
"I've found that a small town with a college is the ideal place to retire,"
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: College Quotes
"She was used to scoring at her junior college. It always takes time to fit into a program. She probably did it a lot faster than most people."
Author: Dolfo Quotes Category: College Quotes

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