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"The college graduate is presented with a sheepskin to cover his intellectual nakedness."
"As we said when we signed him to the offer sheet, Steve has competed at the highest level in college — culminated by his experience at Maryland and winning a national championship, ... With his two seasons at Washington, he adds to the limited experience of a young team and we know he will bring additional energy and enthusiasm to our training camp"
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"One goes through school, college, medical school and one's internship learning little or nothing about goodness but a good deal about success."
"Our state's most talented should have the opportunity to attend college and be the engines that drive the state's future economic growth."
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"This longstanding Jacksonville tradition captures the spirit of college football rivalry at its best and we are so pleased to serve as the host for years to come."
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"It's a great environment for college hockey. Green Bay and Wisconsin has great fans that treated us with respect while we were here and when we left the ice."
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"Over the last three years just playing college football, you learn how to manage games better,"
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"Look at what he has accomplished at the highest level of college football. He's 27 hours away from graduation. He has done everything right on and off the field. He's got character. He's got intelligence. He's got a burning desire to succeed. He has a great heart. He competes as hard as anybody I've ever been around. There's no downside. If he stays healthy, he'll be one of the great ones to ever play."
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"I know in college there were certain places we weren't allowed to live or go after dark. It was kind of silly. That is not going to solve problems."
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"In two or three years the college will be annexed into the city."
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"You know, once you are done with college, you don't have a free week every semester to just go out and help people. Doing this now is a great opportunity."
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"After college, I went to London to record with Jimmy Webb on a project,"
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"This is probably one of my worst college performances if you look at my line. There were so many ups and downs during the game. So to come out on the up side is the best feeling in the world."
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"The college undergraduate is a lot of things - many of them as familiar, predictable and responsible as the bounce of a basketball, and others as startling (and occasionally disastrous) as the bounce of a football."
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"I think we bypassed some of the steps in the development of the college by adding this building."
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"He plans to finish his GED, he wants to take some college, get involved with his community and go to church."
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"We thought about playing at Southern Maine Community College, but that didn't work out. We also couldn't play against a city rival in our small gym at the school, so we decided to just flip-flop our home and away games."
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"Prior to this, he never thought twice about swimming in college. Now he's thinking about it. That's something that's cool. He's come here in a tragic situation and come out better."
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"There's no college football game in history that's had this demand, from what I've seen, ever."
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"There are so many high school students who are not interested in going to a four-year college to be a doctor or lawyer but who want to learn a trade,"

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