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673 Commitment quotes:

"I, like many others, believed Patrick would continue with his commitment to those who had supported his gubernatorial campaign."
"Obviously, this is a unique and significant commitment on behalf of ownership. Grady is one of our more unique guys. The level of commitment is distinct on both sides."
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"We usually belt out AC/DC and Bryan Adams numbers. Now, playing the guitar appears more fun ... tennis demands commitment of an entire year on the tour."
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"The deregulation is a concrete step fulfilling the central bank's commitment to gradually ease China's capital controls."
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"This sponsorship reflects our company's history of supporting community programs and initiatives, as well as our commitment and connection to the Hispanic community."
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"It's a commitment that exceeds all the commitments we've had before, ... I think there's a sincerity in his expressions that will translate into effectiveness."
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"It's great to be named at No.,1 but even without this list Cummins has a decades-long commitment to being environmentally friendly and making the company a diverse and welcoming workplace,"
"During the four years that it took to resolve this case we never wavered in our unflagging commitment to publicly demonstrate the we offer excellent services to our clients, we treat our chiropractors fairly and we make available to patients quality care at an affordable price. We are glad to see resolution."
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"Their commitment level is very high and their work ethic is very good, ... I like the fact we've got some girls that are physical and really get after it."
"To increase your effectiveness, make your emotions subordinate to your commitments"
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"That first period was probably the worst period we've played all year. We had a talk about commitment and skating after the first and I thought we were fortunate to be down only 1-0."
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"Joe had a distinguished record of service and commitment to U.S. Figure Skating. He was a major contributor to the growth of figure skating in the Chicago area. Beyond those activities he was truly a gentleman, and he always placed the best interest of the skaters as his first priority."
"Don is a very experienced attorney with a diverse legal background, a proven commitment to public service,"
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"The governor continues his commitment to pursue those reforms. But it's becoming increasingly clear that the way you have to do that is at the ballot box, which would ironically require more fundraising."
"We're anticipating a very generous EU response. We have a very strong commitment from the U.S. We expect the Japanese to come with a strong commitment."
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"She had to get back to the softball team. She had that commitment and needed to get ready for the season. She was a big help to us while she was here."
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"He understands our commitment to bringing a championship team back to our fans and we are confident that he has the skills and abilities to guide us there."
"This is an appropriate commitment and a significant one."
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"This is the most prestigious and most cherished because it's not about wins and losses, it's about a commitment to and for women and to help them become all they can become,"
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"It is only when you despair of all ordinary means, it is only when you convince it that it must help you or you perish, that the seed of life in you bestirs itself to provide a new resource."

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