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"The local alumni started working with us to make plans for the chapter coming back. We were also in communication with staff at the fraternity's headquarters based in Illinois."
"It is said that music is a universal language, but it can't be concluded that everybody knows music. For me, everything has wavelength, as a platform where all things communicate."
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"God, the illogic! The impossibility of communication in this house. The sheer operation alone of getting something through to somebody."
"This individual is a specialist in computers and in radio communication services,"
"In the first stage, a low-orbit system of personal e-mail-type satellite communication, Gonets-D1, was deployed on the basis of six satellites of the same name. Among other things, it provides communication links between governmental structures and remote areas. The satellite to be launched on Tuesday is the first one in the multifunctional personal satellite communication system Gonets-D1M to be built in the second stage. We plan to launch 12 spacecraft of this type. They will operate in four dimensions, three satellites in each."
"Obviously, keeping secrets in this garage isn't particularly a tradition or anything. You have the three main methods of communication ... telephone, telegraph and tell somebody in the Cup garage. Still, it could be done."
"It was the same policy message but with a little innovation in communication."
"Technique is communication: the two words are synonymous in conductors."
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"We had no communication whatsoever. We were trying but no words were coming one. Our stats were great but we had no balance."
"If we have better communication out front, the end will be even smoother."
"We've got everything we need except for good communication."
"The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate."
"The really important things are said over cocktails and are never done."
"The governor has expressed that we're open to further communication. We've got a lot on the plate for what will be a short session, but we've committed to having additional discussions with the Vikings."
"This is our best opportunity to pull everything together in terms of substitution, communication, execution, playing on the road, playing in a hostile environment, all of those kinds of things."
"There has to be a lot of communication between the contractor, the architect and the owner. If not, you end up with a lot of unhappy people."
"I think it was just our communication. Both of us are pretty intense about racing. We've been together for so long we speak the same language."
"I think his effort, his communication skills and his willingness to do all the little things has really helped our team immeasurably."
"It can have consequences of breaking down communication, of creating rebellion, breaking down relationships of trust."
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"The Blue Book is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve communication between buyers and sellers in the construction industry. Allowing BB-Bid Users to complete a digital take-off directly from the plan room, without having to pay for, or order plans will provide them with a definite competitive edge. We are proud to be working with Quest Solutions, a leader in estimating software."

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