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"You know, what we used to say around here was that it's a different company every three months. And that's really the Internet business. It's so fast moving that three years, it might as well be 30 years in any other industry. So it has been very, wild ride."
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"We're the largest portable toilet company operating in Lee County. We have a little over 8,000 of them and I don't have any inventory of any kind."
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"For a company that now has the status of being added to the S&P 500, they need to tighten up and do it in a hurry. They should be offering financial guidance, which will reduce volatility for the shares. The shares will be in a lot of retirement funds. They need to tighten up."
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"How long he takes and how good a job he does determines the profitability of his company, ... I have three years of graduate study in mathematics at MIT, and I couldn't do that job."
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"It feels good to be in that company, but it's not something I'm really concerned about. I think it'll mean a lot more at the end of the year when I can sit down and look at what I accomplished. Right now, I'm just trying to help this team win games."
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"This simple, straightforward tax cut would directly benefit Franklin Farms and every other Connecticut company, not to mention every consumer, but the majority party ignored the governor's proposal."
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"He was it, the man, the top dog of the company. I just assumed he would go and do great things."
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"This will mean an improved focus on the customers for our core products, profitable growth and a stronger company that will deliver greater value for our shareholders and a more secure future for our employees,"
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"We will still be enormously profitable and by far the most profitable enterprise software company,"
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"The company is in storm-response mode right now."
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"What company is most likely to be a potential entrant for operating-system competition?"
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"WorldCom is frustrated because Wall Street investors just look at the total company. Wall Street isn't giving them credit for their growth."
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"They're paying to milk the controversy. Will they draw criticism? Absolutely. But for a company like Nike that can afford to take a risk or a smaller company looking to make a splash, it may be worth it."
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"Lew cared deeply about HP and its people, and his loss is being felt widely across our company,"
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