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169 Compassion quotes:

"Being part of an agenda beyond ourselves liberates us to complement each other rather than compete with each other."
Author: Stowell Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"Minerva save us from the cloying syrup of coercive compassion!"
Author: Paglia Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation."
Author: Beecher Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"Wars begin in the minds of men, and in those minds, love and compassion would have built the defenses of peace."
Author: Thant Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"I know the compassion of others is a relief at first. I don't despise it. But it can't quench pain, it slips through your soul as through a sieve. And when our suffering has been dragged from one pity to another, as from one mouth to another, we can no longer respect or love it."
"There is nothing heavier than compassion. Not even one's own pain weighs so heavy as the pain one feels for someone, for someone, pain intensified by the imagination and prolonged by a hundred echos."
"Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else's skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too."
"It's a work of collective passion, a serious meditation on what happened, and carries within a compassion that heals."
Author: Stone Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"They have a lot of wisdom they can pass onto the students. It teaches (the students) a lot about compassion. For the seniors . . . it helps them stay young."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"We applaud Tyson for their compassion towards so many who have suffered through the Hurricane Katrina disaster,"
Author: Morial Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"This is a terrible situation and we need to have compassion. The truth is Black people died not because of President Bush or racism, they died because of their unhealthy dependence on the government and the incompetence of Mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco,"
"I am moved by the compassion of Missourians,"
Author: Blunt Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"When an individual fear or apathy passes by the unfortunate, life is of no account."
Author: Long Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes Apathy Quotes
"Compassion is the desire that moves the individual self to widen the scope of its self-concern to embrace the whole of the universal self."
Author: Toynbee Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"My daughter said, 'we have to do something,' and she called the Red Cross, ... She has a lot of compassion and made me proud."
Author: Snell Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"Caged egg-laying hens are among the most abused animals in the world of factory farming today. Simply by using cage-free eggs, the White House can teach kindness and compassion to American children and the nation as a whole."
"He who feels no compassion will become insane."
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"Our spirit is to be considerate and have compassion for people. It's a social responsibility."
Author: Wong Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"Look at the world with the vision of peace, love, and compassion. Then the whole world will appear loving and peaceful."
Author: Baba Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"Righteous is the one who was able to demonstrate compassion in face of human suffering."

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