Complaints And Complaining Quotes

219 Complaints And Complaining quotes:

"The chef has kids complaining to their parents the food they get in school is better than what they get at home. He's turned this group of kids into curious, adventurous eaters."
"The rain keeps constantly raining,And the sky is cold and gray,And the wind in the trees keeps complainingThat summer has passed away; --"
"The reality is, everybody was just fine before this bill was filed. Nobody was complaining they couldn't take their gun where they wanted to."
"The very fact that you are a complainer, shows that you deserve your lot."
"There is no evidence other than the word of this one complaining person that any sexual assault took place. No assault occurred. This [DNA report] says that loud and clear. ... It is a very dramatic [DNA] report. It shows they are innocent."
"There were a lot of people complaining about the partnerships, and the amount of money he might have made."
"There's been too much complaining, too much criticizing."
"These kids are a lot more intense this year. We don't have the complaining and whining that we had the past couple of years. We have very strong leadership in place and the kids just line up and do whatever is asked of them because they don't want to let their teammates down. I think their work ethic is going to pay off over the course of the season."
"They did nothing but put her in the same cabin that everyone had been complaining about and they closed the door and left her. They didn't make any effort to reunite her with her husband, who was either on the balcony or had just fallen off."
"They're all competitors. Them complaining about not getting enough balls or wanting to catch balls — that makes them divas?"
"They're already complaining that I'm ruining the driving range."
"They're not complaining. You really don't hear any more about it."
"This is a candidate who has been complaining for the better part of two years that Connecticut's jobs and economic development climate isn't everything it ought to be. Now he's proposing $350 million in new taxes on employers to pay for universal health care."
"We are already seeing problems from the introduction of the euro. At the moment it's mainly Italy that's complaining, but there's nothing surprising in that, seeing how standards of living have fallen there since the currency was brought in."
"We got the upper hand quick, they did a lot of complaining and the next thing you know, we have five penalties in a row against us and it threw us off our rhythm. From that point on, you never knew what was going to be a penalty."
"We had a pregnant woman complaining of shortness of breath, and another woman who was asthmatic, who were also transported to Little Company of Mary. And there were several other people who were treated on the scene but not transported, about a half dozen people."
"We have been complaining about the registration of voters since last year. There are hundreds of voters assigned to wrong constituencies."
"We see it all the time. I'm just disappointed with some of our attitudes, complaining about not getting enough touches. All that I'm against, that I'm disappointed with."
"We're 16-1. I wouldn't want to be complaining about that. No one would listen. We're getting better and improving every game. Even (against St. John's), we got much better in the second half."
"We're complaining he used words which are false and intentionally reflect negatively on the municipality,"

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