Complaints And Complaining Quotes

330 Complaints And Complaining quotes:

"They're not complaining. You really don't hear any more about it."
"This is a candidate who has been complaining for the better part of two years that Connecticut's jobs and economic development climate isn't everything it ought to be. Now he's proposing $350 million in new taxes on employers to pay for universal health care."
"This is a small segment complaining on their own. I spoke with a lot of Hispanic people about what's going on. They want their kids integrated. They want them to learn more English."
"This is getting to be a serious problem. The public has been complaining."
"Today we filed a formal letter, a five-page letter with the Office of Professional Responsibility...complaining about the consistent flow of leaks which we believe are from the office of the independent counsel, and which we believe are creating an unfair environment for this matter to proceed against Miss Lewinsky."
"Volunteers are working extremely long hours. But problems are emerging, and people are complaining about the lack of adequate response by the Red Cross. This is a problem we need to examine carefully."
"We are already seeing problems from the introduction of the euro. At the moment it's mainly Italy that's complaining, but there's nothing surprising in that, seeing how standards of living have fallen there since the currency was brought in."
"We did find out that $1.30 is the level where motorists cease paying and start complaining."
"We got the upper hand quick, they did a lot of complaining and the next thing you know, we have five penalties in a row against us and it threw us off our rhythm. From that point on, you never knew what was going to be a penalty."
"We had a pregnant woman complaining of shortness of breath, and another woman who was asthmatic, who were also transported to Little Company of Mary. And there were several other people who were treated on the scene but not transported, about a half dozen people."
"We have been complaining about the registration of voters since last year. There are hundreds of voters assigned to wrong constituencies."
"We have neighbors complaining about the noise and it?s just not worth it. We?re not out to shut people down, but we?re not going to tolerate problems. I guess you could say that the city is less willing to overlook bars than it was in the past."
"We see it all the time. I'm just disappointed with some of our attitudes, complaining about not getting enough touches. All that I'm against, that I'm disappointed with."
"We're 16-1. I wouldn't want to be complaining about that. No one would listen. We're getting better and improving every game. Even (against St. John's), we got much better in the second half."
"We're complaining he used words which are false and intentionally reflect negatively on the municipality,"
"We're not complaining. We're not going to say anything. But Sosa has got to understand too that he's got to be ready to open [the season]."
"We've passed the complaining stage and entered the actionable phase."
"What they're complaining about is the law. It's not fair. We're not happy about it. But it's the law."
"When you see somebody who's got a complaining personality, it usually means that they had some vision of what things could be, and they're constantly disappointed by that. I think that would be the camp that I would fall into - constantly horrified by the things people do."
"While you had groups complaining about the violence and sexuality, what really sold those games were the compelling stories. Without them, you're just shooting people and stealing cars."

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