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"We came out of this trip with a lot of confidence. It was good to go up there and be as competitive as we were. We had a chance to take both games, but we're happy with a split."
"We have confidence in both guys. Both have been sharp. We feel like we're in a really good position with our goaltending."
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"faith and confidence and integrity in the Statehouse of New Jersey."
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"You can't hang on to wins for confidence, because you can't hold on to things that you can't control. Knowing that they've done their best and have gone to the best of their ability, that's confidence. And that's what's going to let them play freely and be able to execute."
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"I have great confidence in Taiwan's democracy."
"I have total faith, trust and confidence in the guy, ... He's going to be a long-snapper for a long time in this league."
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"Brent has beaten top 10- and top 20-ranked wrestlers. As he gains both experience and confidence, he is closer to being considered a veteran."
"Justin has really gotten his confidence going right now. You can see it when he makes a shot that he wants the ball again."
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"Those are staggering numbers. Without him we wouldn't have had the leadership and confidence we had. He showed up to play every game. He gave it his all."
"Once you beat a team like that once or twice, especially at their place, you get confidence about them, you get confidence against them. You know that you can play with them anytime."
"Brandon did a good job. I'm sure it's a big confidence booster for him since he pitched well but wasn't able to get a win the first two times back."
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"I remember my first road win was pretty big and I got a lot of confidence from that. I think you draw a lot of what you do at home from when you're on the road."
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"He was the best guy out there. He was the first star. He gave us confidence."
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"Beating them earlier in the season at home gave us confidence coming into the game tonight. We felt like we were only a couple of possessions away from getting a win tonight."
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"Confidence cannot find a place wherein to rest in safety."
"It's a huge confidence for us. It's two guys doing it and carrying the rest of the guys on their back."
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"You lose confidence after a while and start believing that you can't win games down the stretch. The guys stepped up. We got pretty much every rebound we needed to get, and that was a confidence booster for us."
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"At this point, am I concerned? You bet I am. Am I totally alarmed and shaken and (losing) confidence in him? Absolutely not."
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"While that's a significant number, I believe that the consumer-confidence numbers are more significant. I'd be much more interested to see what the September numbers will be, so we can see what the damages on the economy from the hurricanes will be."
"The reconstruction, massive as it is, is really the easy part. Rebuilding confidence, especially among the poor and vulnerable, is going to be extraordinarily difficult."
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