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"He is entitled to speak as a member of the Congress Working Committee. It doesn't mean he is speaking on behalf of the Congress party in that sense."
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"cleanup drive in Washington, to break the grip of the permanent corporate government that makes good people in the Congress not fulfill their own potential."
Author: Nader Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Because the administration has indicated it will not support any funding for Amtrak this fiscal year unless Congress enacts Amtrak reforms, it is imperative for the Congress to make its voice heard on Amtrak,"
Author: Lott Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"We screened that movie before members of Congress. Hopefully, the screening of the movie had some kind of an effect on the process."
Author: Glickman Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"The base in Congress is eroding as members worry about their own electorates, start to back away from him on immigration, start to back away on Iraq and start to consider the president as an optional ally rather than a vital one."
Author: Buchanan Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"We have not galvanized Congress, but we will have to."
Author: Foxman Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Both the President and Congress moved in exactly the wrong direction last year by approving a cut in education, and this year aggravated the situation by approving another cut just as the demands of the law were becoming greater."
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"The macro numbers [for Congress] look worse than the sentiment on the street for the individual members,"
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"The government is willing to be guided by the principle that it won't achieve IT security through regulation. Congress and the federal agencies should be discouraged from trying to craft IT regulation into law."
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"Her eldest is a member of the United States Congress, who has the privilege of standing before you and addressing this convention,"
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"Part of the fire grants designated by Congress is set aside for health and safety for firefighters. We lose, over 50 percent of our firefighters' fatalities are heart attacks and strokes."
Author: Paulison Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"I don't know that there's a sense of urgency among members of Congress to address it. I don't think there are any plans among the pro-life coalition to push for Congress to intervene."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Our message to the president and Congress is simple--let's work together to get a program done this year."
Author: Hellman Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Our interest is in making certain the members of Congress have full information about it, and that, we're convinced, will give them a level of comfort with this."
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"Under the Constitution, the same version of a bill has to be passed by both houses of Congress. We filed our lawsuit because it's important for the government to abide by the law."
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"Don't divide the world into "them" and "us." Avoid infatuation with or resentment of the press, the Congress, rivals, or opponents. Accept them as facts. They have their jobs and you have yours."
Author: Rumsfeld Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Stripping jurisdiction from the court after they have decided is far-reaching and, I think, premature. Congress can override the Supreme Court, but in this case I don't consider it the right thing to do."
Author: Casey Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"No drug or device has been regulated like this, ... It begs the question: Who gets to decide, Congress or FDA?"
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"It's a temporary tool and as soon as Congress raises the limit, all interest will be restored and there will be no adverse consequences for G-fund investors."
"The Congress president has taken a serious note of the unfortunate deaths in Assam and raised the issue at appropriate quarters."
Author: Singhvi Quotes Category: Congress Quotes

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