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"This administration's tough policies had certain advantages in dealing with this Congress on the huge changes in law that would be necessary if there were a change of policies for North Korea,"
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"Congress rightly rejected this measure last year and must reject it again."
"If the Congress decides that the priority for this engine is higher than the DoD has proposed, then I'm sure the Congress will be able to soundly and thoughtfully restore the program in a way that will be the least damaging to everything else."
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"Oh, Congress should let it go? Gee, I wonder why he would say that."
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"The macro numbers [for Congress] look worse than the sentiment on the street for the individual members."
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"There's no room on the agenda, there's no room in Congress and there's no room politically."
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"Congress doesn't have a right to be basically accusing my client of failing by not negotiating transactions on behalf of the company or pushing the computer buttons and sharpening the pencils."
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"I think we really need a joint resolution from Congress to effect the tax exemption on oil."
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"He goes up to Congress, and they ask him questions about everything except monetary policy. It's unprecedented that a central banker is sort of viewed as an omniscient economic policy czar. It's not his responsibility."
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"So I'm asking Congress, please investigate this now. Take whatever idiot they have at the top of whatever agency and give me a better idiot. Give me a caring idiot. Give me a sensitive idiot. Just don't give me the same idiot."
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"It's absolutely outrageous. The agency is substituting the judgment of Belgian and French chefs for the judgment of Congress."
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"Congress has in place certain restrictions on what we can do with the Indonesians, so we will approach the new Indonesian Government with an attitude of helpfulness but also an attitude of caution and only provide those things that are consistent with our laws,"
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"There's a sense we've lost control of the borders. States are caught in the crossfire between Congress and the public, showing ways they can respond to the problem."
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"My own guess is that people wonder why we are playing those kind of games, ... They are frustrated with Congress and politicians enough anyway and see that as another example of why they are frustrated."
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"I believe that it is Congress' obligation to every individual facing a lifetime of suffering to fully explore the potential of this research by expanding rather than restricting the federal government's role. Through establishing national guidelines for federal funding, we can help move this research forward while ensuring that it is preformed in an ethically sound manner."
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"It's just one example of the increasing breakdown of any rules in the Congress."
"I'd just as soon they shut (Congress) down for a few years. All they do is keep passing laws and figuring out ways to spend our money."
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"We're prepared for that debate. We will advise the Congress that it is our very clear judgment that this is a good deal for the United States as well as for India."
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"Congress did not intend the term 'navigable waters' to be given the broadest possible constitutional interpretation."
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"The ATSB is choosing winners and losers in the industry, notwithstanding direction from Congress to the contrary."
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