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"This is the highest level of weekly non-travel spending recorded to date."
Author: Mudd Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"When artwork is involved, it's almost assumed that it's going to travel. It's too hot to stay here."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"I am still nervous when I travel because it is fairly new to me, ... You know, I didn't grow up traveling around the world."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Next week the president and Mrs. Bush will depart for South Asia. They will travel to India and Pakistan. This is the first trip of the president and Mrs. Bush to either country. They are very much looking forward to it."
Author: Hadley Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Apparently the price isn't high enough to curb non-discretionary travel."
Author: Caruso Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"I'm still at the end of my rope because I find myself not handling things well when I travel."
"If you travel and you have a corkscrew taken from you at the airport like I have so many times, it's convenient."
Author: Stout Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Kerry's travel schedule and ad buys do not match his campaign's spin about the status of the election. From the rust belt to the upper Midwest, [today's] campaign events are evidence that President Bush has the energy and momentum in the final six days."
Author: Schmidt Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"We have very tight travel restrictions. It's not like we're going off to Hawaii."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Looking back on the travel industry since 9/11 and to see where we are now and what we're poised to do, it's a very good feeling."
Author: Toler Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"In this world, it should be easy for me to tell my travel agent Web site to make sure to update my calendar with my trip and to page my mother if my flight is going to be more than an hour late."
Author: Ballmer Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"We do get a lot of different, strange phone calls from tour operators and travel agents, wanting to know: Is the drinking water safe, do you have E. coli? It's alarming, because it can spread so quickly, the false information."
Author: Wheeler Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"But you can travel on for ten thousand miles, and still stay where you are"
Author: Chapin Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"My laptop has freed me to travel."
Author: Pinker Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Online travel in 2004 will represent only about 15 percent of the industry's total revenue for the year. So there's huge upside to grow. The fierce competition now is about building the brand."
Author: Harteveldt Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Group travel is very much a nascent part of online travel."
Author: Harteveldt Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"It's going to be a three-way shootout between the airlines, the GDS [companies], and the online travel agents."
Author: Harteveldt Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"That's something that we would be able to handle, if it were to happen. Peak travel times to and from school versus to and from work are different, which is why it would be easier to absorb students into the system. They're not riding during the same peak times that regular commuters are."
"Two of these trucks will travel nationwide, two of these trucks will travel along the I-5 corridor. I know we'll get tips on these cases."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"We're lucky to get to travel as much as we do. We've been blessed to have great weather so far and we have even played through some cold games over at Indiana State (University) where it was around 35 degrees."
Author: Vlymen Quotes Category: Travel Quotes

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