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"[Even with the rising costs, the travel industry is having its best year since before 2001.] Last year was a massive year for holiday travel, ... The summer kept going in that direction, and we have the same expectation for this year despite fuel costs. If you wait until November, I think you run the risk of not getting what you want or paying a whole lot more to get what you want."
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"When it comes to travel, everyone's threshold is different. A $1,000 trip may be less valuable to an affluent traveler than to someone who saved their money all year."
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"From the start, it was very difficult to budget because we had no way of knowing how expensive the travel and hotel charges would be."
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"Travel safe and arrive happy."
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"It's not just highways and roads, ... It's not just increasing mass transit. It's not just air travel, but really all of that together."
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"The first part of our season was very demanding with lots of tough matches and travel too. Experiencing that can only help our team improve and learn more about what it takes to compete at this level of college tennis. I'm looking forward to the next phase of our season leading up to Spring Break. We should be fresh and ready to go."
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"His tight schedule deemed these private travel arrangements necessary."
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"This segment is growing really rapidly, about twice as fast as the overall travel market, and we want to capitalize on that. People like the idea that they're traveling to a unique place with lots of things to do."
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"The biggest adjustment is the lifestyle and the travel. It's not what we're used to or what you expect at the major-league level. Especially for a manager who was in the minor leagues for a long time. To make it to the majors and have to go back to the minors, it's probably a little emotionally upsetting."
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"Two great talkers will not travel far together."
"It doesn't means all the roads are open to the public, but emergency units have more capacity to travel."
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"I think it's important for the President of the United States to travel to the region and get firsthand accounts of the operations and to provide comfort and support to those who have been affected by these hurricanes, as well as those who are providing the critical support."
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"We plan to take parallel steps involving targeted travel restrictions and financial sanctions. We encourage all members of the international community to demand that authorities in Belarus protect the rights of their own citizens to express themselves peacefully."
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"It was terrible. There were travels in there. They had two separate guys travel."
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"It's so awesome. It's a parent's dream. She'll get to travel and I'll get to watch her. It's far away, yet close enough for her to come home and do laundry."
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"Even with strong demand for air travel, we have been able to pass only a very small portion of that increase on to our customers."
"There was no program in place to defray the financial costs for patients who need to travel from all over North Dakota to receive cancer treatment, ... I am grateful to Gap for providing the resources to bring this program to life, and look forward to working with the amazing staff at Altru Cancer Center to implement the Filling the Gap program and lessen the financial burden and emotional stress of travel for the patients."
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"We're starting at the Bay Bridge and will be airing travel advisories on the radio."
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"We believe it will really have a chilling effect on spontaneous travel across the border."
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"We had a bit of a long travel. It's good to get ground under your feet. Hopefully, (Thursday) we will have a much better effort."
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