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"I think the word that's the key with everything they do is consistency. That, and improving their skills. That's the case with most minor-leaguers, but it's particularly important for them because they're so talented."
"The market will be very volatile and uncertain. The moves are random and there's no consistency in the markets."
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"We couldn't get any consistency to it. It wasn't going to benefit him or us."
"There is no consistency at all from town to town."
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"The man who sees consistency in things is a wit; the man who sees the inconsistency in things is a humorist."
"That just shows how important consistency is and it's our consistency that has gotten us this far,"
"Consistency. I've said to this team, 'If we've got to get a basket, what would we do?' There's no question that at some point we'll put the ball in his hands."
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"We would look at consumer non-durables, where there is consistency of earnings, visibility of earnings, names like PepsiCo, Colgate-Palmolive and Safeway, are consumer non-durable names we've been adding to here in this decline,"
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"[The concept of consistency not only includes routines, it extends to every kind of parent-child interaction. While most moms and dads are familiar with the concept of time-outs, Spencer believes in time-ins, too.] Basically, a time-in is regular, positive interaction between parent and toddler, ... Time-ins really make time-outs that much more effective."
"Our overall consistency of the whole game is getting better."
"The consistency of fans now is so much better. I think it has a lot to do with our play, and we're doing it together. The better we get, the better they get."
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"It's our consistency that has gotten us this far, and there's really no need to be looking for some other game plan, ... This is my final season as a driver and I want to go out being remembered as a winner."
"I hope for more consistency. I am confident we can have a winning season, and if we put things together, we could make some noise in postseason again."
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"We're getting there. But I'd like to see even more consistency from out bench and more scoring from everyone on the floor."
"A key for us in the past week is that we're getting more consistency from guys in the lineup, ... Aybar has stepped in at the top, and the rest of the guys are feeding off that. He's set the tone and everybody's followed. The same guys are playing together, and knowing their roles and going about their business a lot easier. When guys move in and out, it's hard to get comfortable. That's part of the reason we're playing good ball now."
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"This year I have been pleased with my level of consistency, but a little disappointed not to have won, ... But having won here in 2000, I have a lot of good memories of this golf course, so hopefully this is the week that I make the breakthrough."
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"We want to focus more on rest periods than on working periods to try to give some consistency to drivers' schedules so they can expect to rest roughly at the same times day to day."
"That consistency has lent itself to quality football teams and quality programs and traditions that lends itself to seeing what you're seeing this year."
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"I can hit anywhere. I've always wanted to hit third, but you have to possess consistency ---- day to day and month to month. With me, the consistency sometimes lapses. I'm always working on those things."
"By making the tests standardized, regional accents will be removed, pauses between sounds would be constant and overall consistency would vastly improve."
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