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"Anything we can do to help impart knowledge of our Constitution is important. If we spent a day recognizing, say, presidents or particular people, this certainly is the one thing we share in common - our Constitution. It's the thread that holds us all together."
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"If the Constitution says that the little guy should win, the little guy's going to win in court before me, ... But if the Constitution says that the big guy should win, well, then the big guy's going to win."
"whether Islam will be the main source or a source of legislation in the constitution."
"The happy Union of these States is a wonder; their Constitution a miracle; their example the hope of Liberty throughout the world"
"The sooner we get the constitution over and done with, the faster we can move at rebuilding the state and rebuilding the country. So a delay is not a good thing, but it's not a disaster. If people want to say more, and that's what it is, then that will set the ball rolling for the new round of elections."
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"An article whereby the existence of the nation's Self-Defense Forces can be interpreted as running counter to the Constitution is absurd,"
"And, most importantly, an administrative law has been written, which is the forerunner of the constitution that will be written that is quite astonishing with respect to basic rights and liberties and how all these different ethnicities can come together."
"Obviously I've always believed the sooner the constitution was completed, and sooner it was voted on, the greater the likelihood the Iraqi people would feel they have a stake in the country, and that they have an acceptable set of compromises that would protect them from each other,"
"The constitution is the ultimate custodian of social will and its making should be accorded all due diligence."
"Montana has a very narrow line-item veto as defined by the constitution and presented by the Constitutional Convention, ... I don't believe the governor can strike a condition without striking an appropriation."
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"No one really won in this constitution. It left almost everything vague. Everyone played to a tie but we don't know how the ties are going to be resolved."
"The Constitution is colorblind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens"
"The draft constitution has moved in the right direction and is moving toward becoming the national compact Iraq needs."
"The vote has shown clearly that the majority are opposed to the proposed constitution. As we had said before, my government will respect the wishes of Kenyans."
"We don't want to violate the constitution before our first meeting."
"Having a good constitution is far more important than having an immediate constitution."
"The draft constitution is ready and will be presented to the Iraqi people, who are known for their intelligence, to give their verdict on October 15,"
"They've clearly violated their constitution and it makes it possible that they could be looking at a civil and criminal offence."
"We hope that the Afghan constitution is going to be upheld and in our view, if it's upheld, then of course he'll be found to be innocent."
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"Minorities have a right to appeal to the Constitution as a shield against such oppression."

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