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"After the end of 2006, British troops can be pulled out step by step in cooperation with Iraq forces,"
"In order for Iraq to succeed, there has to be cross-ethnic and cross-sectarian cooperation."
"They are asking Iraq to provide more cooperation, and, OK, let them say that, you see, we are doing that,"
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"We are convinced that our joint, mutual cooperation with China in the sphere of space will be constantly developing and increasing."
"Such cooperation will help to break the US monopoly in manned space flight . But more significant is that it will facilitate the world's space research if Russia, China and the European Union coordinated together on space research."
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"When we strengthen our cooperation and help workers in the same industry unite, everybody wins,"
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"And he can help communicate with these institutions for cooperation in relation to financial matters."
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"Germany will be the benchmark for the World Cup. I can say without a doubt the level of cooperation is without comparison."
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"The public should know the board has met a high standard in their (hiring) process, ... We appreciate their cooperation with us and their efforts to ensure the best professional educational leadership possible for their students, staff and community."
"You must cultivate unity, cooperation ans mutual trust."
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"China and Bolivia are both developing nations. Enhancing unity and cooperation with developing nations including Bolivia is the foundation of China's foreign relations."
"During his visit, the two sides will exchange opinions on issues including bilateral economic and trade cooperation."
"And it's been a good cooperation, and we've shared some information, and we think that over time it ought to be beneficial."
"Mutual respect is a prerequisite for multilateral cooperation, ... We should respect the diversity in world civilizations and promote democracy in international relations on the basis of respecting and treating each other as equals."
"As our cooperation with the IAEA is on the right track, I believe the report will be positive,"
"As our cooperation with the IAEA is on the right track, I believe the report will be positive."
"Remember you can be the lowest cost airline in world and if you don't have cooperation of your work force you're going to fail, ... They're being asked to sacrifice a lot, another 35 percent. But if they don't agree their jobs will go away."
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"I see this as turning a page on past disagreements and turning to new chapters of dialogue and cooperation on matters of mutual interest,"
"Israelis and Palestinians have cooperated in the past to achieve historic agreements as well as practical cooperation on the ground, ... They must find a way again to end the current psychology of confrontation and begin to restore the psychology of peace-making. That is what we will be trying to achieve in these meetings."
"create a new and substantial basis for progress in the dialogue and cooperation between Moscow and NATO."

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