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"We work all week on getting numbers in the box and first half we just didn't. The second half we had a little more speed on the outside."
Author: Ball Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"It's just a huge amount of work."
Author: Rymer Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"They did all the work. I just screamed for Darwin to give me the puck. He did it, and I kind of had an open net to shoot at."
Author: Sales Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"The thing that I find with Annika is that she does her work and then she leaves. She doesn't hang around, ... She just gets it done and stays focused and that's what I'm trying to do, learn from that. The best player out here obviously is Annika and she has the best time management"
Author: Creamer Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"To win a championship in March is something you work for all year. It puts a finishing touch on a great year we've had so far, and more to come hopefully."
Author: Curry Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We work with those crews very closely. Usually, we'll just sit back and watch."
Author: Townsend Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We're not throwing out what we did before, ... We did a lot of good work."
Author: Tracy Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Take these displaced folks, put them to work in New Orleans, ... Pay them a good wage. Pay them decent benefits so that they can not only reconstruct their city, they can reconstruct their lives and have the dignity that comes from having a good job and being able to support your family."
Author: Edwards Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We work real hard to make visits from NFL scouts as beneficial as possible. We offer our guys everything from A to Z as they go through the process."
Author: Carroll Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Whew that was some work out there. ... We took a gamble tonight. I have raced here 4 times here this year before tonight and all 4 nights the track got slick. So we decided to go with our 360 tonight and use the less horsepower to our advantage. It figures the track would be heavy. We gave em a good run though and we feel real good about our finish. Next weekend barring any unforeseen problems we should win the VRA/Bandit Sprints Grand Slam. No worries!"
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We are obviously relieved that so much work has resulted in a just and appropriate verdict,"
Author: Gamble Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Last year he barely snuck into district. Since then he put the work in. He's a gritty, hard-nosed kid who has really learned to wrestle. He has the confidence now."
Author: Gramuglia Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I was told the work would take six months but I always expected it would drag on longer than that."
Author: Carroll Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I'm fond of it all. I'm a fan of the guy. I've loved watching him work."
Author: Brion Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"The whole back of the house is falling in. It's going to take a lot of work."
Author: Henry Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"It validates everything that we work for."
Author: Hicks Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We have a few kinks we need to work out but they're looking good. But we'll be ready for Big Sky on Friday."
Author: Sellers Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I think we've done everything we can to make this work."
Author: Fulmer Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Pagers just work better over a big geographic footprint. You can get a message in a bunker with a pager. A hurricane can go through and you'll get the message with a pager."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Many immigrants are doing the work the French don't want, ... They are more likely to take on short-term contracts."
Author: Dubois Quotes Category: Work Quotes

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