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"I'm proud of the dedication, creativity and work ethic of VISIT FLORIDA's Partners, leaders, volunteers and staff who have done a tremendous job over the past 10 years of continually seeking better ways to conduct our business. I see this evolutionary spirit continuing to drive our success in the future."
Author: Nocera Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"Sometimes it is important to have a different and original idea itself to promote something. Often times, creativity is the key for attention grabbing and instant impact."
Author: Bryant Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"The idea of improvisation means that we confront ourselves with our own individual creativity."
Author: Alger Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"The jean! The jean is the destructor! It is a dictator! It is destroying creativity. The jean must be stopped!"
Author: Cardin Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"All in all, the creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act. This becomes even more obvious when posterity gives its final verdict and sometimes rehabilitates forgotten artists."
Author: Duchamp Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"Creativity is a drug I cannot live without"
Author: Mille Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."
Author: Bono Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes English Psychologist Quotes
"The series is a machine that just keeps eating up whatever creativity I have. I start out thinking that I have enough ideas to take me through the whole season, and then by the sixth episode, the sad surprise is that I've used up things that I thought would take me a whole season to use up. I've started to run out of stuff."
Author: Cherry Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"Creation is a drug I can't do without."
"We were extremely impressed by the quality and creativity of ideas proposed in student essays that were submitted. It is clear that our nation's youth have intelligent opinions and perspectives on their schooling experience and Box Tops for Education is proud to support and encourage them to share their voice on Capitol Hill and in their home communities."
Author: Peters Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"Creative powers can just as easily turn out to be destructive. It rests solely with the moral personality whether they apply themselves to good things or to bad. And if this is lacking, no teacher can supply it or take its place."
Author: Jung Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes Creative Quotes
"The creative urge is the demon that will not accept anything second rate."
Author: Mille Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"You cannot teach creativity -- how to become a good writer. But you can help a young writer discover within himself what kind of writer he would like to be."
Author: Llosa Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"He lives with his creativity in high gear."
"I looked at his previous work and I was extremely impressed with his creativity, his eye for talent and his eye for lighting. He is totally in touch with what needs to be done to make great product and he won't sacrifice anything. He's a real perfectionist. It's exciting to have someone like him on our team."
Author: Gross Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"Proof,' dealing as it does with the psychology of creativity, aging and the family dynamic, is an ideal production to include in the 'Psychology and the Arts' programming for the year."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"The creativity is great. The kids really love this event and it always draws a huge crowd."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"It's like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way."
"You have to use a lot of creativity out there."
Author: Thorpe Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"But, if you have nothing at all to create, then perhaps you create yourself."
Author: Jung Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes

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