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409 Crisis quotes:

"The challenges presented by our budget crisis are some of the most difficult we have ever faced. We are -very simply put -adjusting to reality. These times, and our citizens, demand change."
Author: Blanco Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"create a serious financial crisis for the organization."
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"There can't be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full."
Author: Kissinger Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We are really in a crisis. The implications are that we are going to be in deep, deep trouble. The whole technology thing is happening elsewhere, and we are not keeping pace."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"A hidden energy crisis threatens our world. Society throws people into chronic physical, emotional, and spiritual depletion. Multi-tasking lets us manage a deluge of very real duties, but it also jeopardizes the now."
Author: Orloff Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"This does not imply a crisis because they had always agreed they would go back at least once in mid-week,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"For now, perhaps the only goal all parties can agree on is avoiding a crisis, but more meaningful engagement is needed if, in the long run, North Korea is not to loom as a flash point in Sino-U.S. relations."
Author: Beck Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Character is not made in a crisis it is only exhibited."
"Government alone cannot solve the problems we deal with in our correctional facilities, treatment centers, homeless shelters and crisis centers - we need our faith-based and community partners."

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