Crisis Quotes

409 Crisis quotes:

"We're getting to a crisis point. Facilities will start falling apart."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Life is a crisis - so what!"
Author: Bradbury Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"I've raised money for pregnancy crisis centers, while my friend Steve Forbes was raising money for Christie Todd Whitman,"
Author: Bauer Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"If there is a fire or some kind of tragedy or crisis and everyone's trying to exit, our capacity is 150 people, and that door's going to look mighty small with 150 people trying to get through it."
Author: Erwin Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"School crisis teams and staff often have unrealistic expectations of police and other public safety personnel response capabilities, which creates a false perception of outside support and less internal capacity building for handling a real school emergency."
Author: Trump Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Even before the negative impact of the (youth employment measure) crisis on the economy, the evolution of industrial production in February already gives a picture of the current state of the French economy - in free fall."
Author: Touati Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"There was a time when FEMA understood that the correct approach to a crisis was to deploy to the affected area as many resources as possible as fast as possible, ... Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be their approach."
Author: Landrieu Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"If the Asian crisis deepens, that simply means that corporate profits are going to suffer."
Author: Cardillo Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Acknowledge your crisis, resign, ... and let's go to the polls."
Author: Fassino Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"At this time of crisis, the king is the only person we can turn to."
Author: Vejjajiva Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We hope this talk will help students and faculty gain a much more realistic understanding of the humanitarianism crisis in the world and what is needed to address the issues,"
Author: Franke Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Campbell needs to deal with the crisis in seniors' care in BC, not try to import ineffective for-profit models from Europe ."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We conclude that Iceland on almost all measures looks worse than Thailand did before its crisis in 1997 and only moderately more healthy than Turkey before its 2001-crisis."
Author: Christensen Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"I don't know. Obviously, it's a major crisis that has happened in his life. He's a young man who is very close to his mother and very close to his family. But I think I've gotten to know this young man and he's such a quality person and he cares so much about this hockey team that I believe he'll come in and do his very best to pay attention to what has to happen."
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"The report suggests that industrial orders are trending higher as manufacturing recovers from the Asia crisis, ... There are no real signs of a slowdown."
Author: Shepherdson Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We should do nothing that would weaken NATO. We firmly believe that a stronger European contribution to crisis management can actually strengthen NATO. There is no difference between us on that,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We're not talking about any crisis. There's always a way out."
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Despite the efforts to avert a crisis the market seems unconvinced that it's unlikely that we can have an outcome that won't affect the price of oil."
Author: Flynn Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Like objects in the rear-view mirror, the impact of Social Security's looming crisis is closer than it appears."
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"For Qualcomm this has the potential to be a bit of an identity crisis,"
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes

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