Dance And Dancing Quotes

202 Dance And Dancing quotes:

"She liked the dancing, and she loved to meet people."
"She's always dancing at the house and putting on a show so why not just put her in a show."
"Simone looks set for the Dancing with the Stars equivalent of a golden duck."
"So dancing was not something I had a great desire to do."
"That's the nice thing about young kids. They're not self-conscious about dancing around. It's a lot of fun, especially when the parents get involved."
"The conference is remarkable for its complacency -- it's a bit like dancing on the Titanic. They're having a very good time and there's a very cheerful atmosphere."
"The dance is a poem of which each movement is a world."
"The dancing is in patterns. Lines transition and fold into each other."
"The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing"
"The show will feature either vocal or dancing abilities. The try-outs will be held on the 13th and the judges will narrow it down to 10 competitors who will compete on Friday, March 3."
"The user's going to pick dancing pigs over security every time."
"There have been a lot of improvements in the online experience, ... Things have gone from being a lot of dancing baloney and stuff that didn't work to applications that work the way people expect them to."
"There is pain and sacrifice in everyone's world. That's why, when I was dancing, I had no pain."
"There was lap dancing with a fair amount of cash floating around the floor with the dancers, leading quickly into sexual acts in a nature so explicit imagination wasn't necessary."
"There will be room for dancing so bring plenty of friends."
"These fools start dancing at six, and they'll dance until you turn the music off at 2 a.m.."
"They appear to be dancing to the music, and we choreograph the shows like that."
"They danced the dance of the outcasts for the outcasts who watched them, amid the louring trees, with a blizzard coming on."
"They're still so talented when they're dancing down the ice."
"This is no time for bowing and scraping. This is no time for buck dancing and genuflecting. Our people are dying in Iraq, are being drowned in New Orleans, and you're going to sit around scared?"

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