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"The real debate around this witch hunt isnt between us and the Vatican, its between the Vatican and the truth,"
Author: Solmonese Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"A fool and his money be soon at debate (Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry)"
Author: Tusser Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"We will of course be reflecting on all of the things that have been said in the debate and carrying through the tactics that have been outlined,"
Author: Trimble Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"There has been this continual debate as to whether higher oil prices are inflationary or a restraint on growth, ... This year, the bond market has signaled that it is inflationary."
Author: Ablin Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"It was a very good meeting. Where I had expected very significant dispute and debate there really was none and it was very constructive,"
Author: Mosley Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"Should the government refuse to debate this motion or refuse to abide by the motion ... I will move a motion of non-confidence in the government the following week."
Author: Harper Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"The debate isn't digital versus plastic. It isn't old versus new,"
Author: Bainwol Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"[On Sept. 12, Germany’s party leaders met in the final pre-election debate in the format of a round-table discussion. Merkel attacked the current chancellor’s economic record, declaring,] You have failed in this question. That’s why you are in such a difficult position. ... as a medium-sized power which always tries to solve conflicts peacefully."
Author: Schroeder Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"There's been a lot said about Social Security reform. What has been left out of the debate is the double tax on Social Security benefits. I believe it's time to get rid of a tax that punishes seniors and discourages work and retirement savings."
Author: Simmons Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"He offered a perspective to the debate that will be missed, ... But his decision to withdraw intensifies my resolve to stay and fight."
Author: McClintock Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"I certainly hope the administration's long-awaited re-involvement in this fundamental debate is genuine, and not because of election year conversion."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"He's like I am. He's trying to be part of the debate, and in the end, I hope both of us are."
Author: Isakson Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"No matter how you cut it, this real debate on personal accounts is about the legitimacy of Social Security; it's not about the solvency of Social Security."
Author: Biden Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"The national debate on Social Security has been cheapened by demagoguery on all sides."
Author: Delahunt Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"The debate on gas prices has accelerated the end of the life cycle for many old-style SUVs. But the SUV segment was already undergoing changes well before gas prices became an issue."
Author: Toprak Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"The leader must aim high, see big, judge widely, thus setting himself apart form the ordinary people who debate in narrow confines."
Author: Gaulle Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"I think it's unfortunate because there was a great deal of debate about not marketing the lottery to poor people. It doesn't take much to connect the dots. If you're pawning your possessions for money or don't have enough money to have a bank account, it's probably not a great idea to spend your money on lottery tickets."
Author: Rowe Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"There's always merit to having a debate. That is the point of the whole (educational) process, putting out opposing viewpoints."
Author: Churchill Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"You can debate what you should call it, but in the coming world, it's going to be a user-controlled environment. I watch what I want, when I want."
Author: Weiner Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"There is a great debate going on on where we are going in the post-9/11 world. This is part of the process of filmmakers saying, 'We would like to join that conversation'."
Author: Greengrass Quotes Category: Debate Quotes

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