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148 Dedication quotes:

"Designing for sustainability requires a dedication to evaluating a product's long-term effects and lowering the environmental impact at every stage of a product's life--from materials extraction to end-of-use."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"We are thrilled with the quality, dedication and experience of the 58 employees to whom we have extended offers and look forward to meeting our aggressive hiring goal of adding another 150 employees to the center, which we hope to expand to 172 seats."
Author: Jacobs Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"Their dedication to bringing encouragement and support to the troops is heartening, and we are so happy to have them on board."
Author: Barber Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"A lot of Evan?s development has come from his persistence and hard work and dedication to get better each day. He?s been a great addition to this team."
Author: Horton Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"From one Olympic city to another, we salute London. The years of hard work, dedication and planning on behalf of the London bid team have resulted in a fantastic choice for the 2012 Summer Games,"
Author: Furlong Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"dedication to his craft and his remarkable skills as a reporter are legendary."
Author: Heyward Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"Roman is a truly remarkable person. While working in my office, Roman showed tremendous dedication, intelligence and a real desire to give back to his community. No task was too small and no challenge too large for Roman to handle. He was a true asset to my office and my constituents. In a time when many pro athletes fail to live up to their commitments to their communities, Roman has represented the very best of the NFL both on and off the field."
"Both Fox & Jacobs and Centex moved up in the ranking, and this proves the dedication of our employees,"
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen"
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"Success for an athlete follows many years of hard work and dedication."
"The only way you really do this is if you love it. It takes dedication."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"That shows his dedication to the sport and love for his teammates."
"We are saddened by the news of Jason Collier's sudden passing, ... He epitomized hard work, dedication and perseverance, and more importantly compassion, kindness and selflessness."
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"I know the difference now between dedication and infatuation. That doesn't mean I don't still get an enormous kick out of infatuation;: the exciting ephemera, the punch in the stomach, the adrenaline to the heart."
"Some guys they just give up living, others start dying little by little piece by piece, some guys come home from work and wash up, and go racing in the streets."
"We appreciate Russ' dedication and contributions to the success of the wrestling program over the years. We wish him every success in his retirement."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"I'm completely humbled. It lets me know how hard work and dedication can pay off. I give all of the credit to the girls. I wouldn't be in this position without them. They put in the work and had the heart."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"Jamie's dedication to the daily news report was legendary among CP foreign correspondents,"
Author: White Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"This is testament to our photographers' dedication to capturing key news events and their success in communicating the reality of the front line."
Author: Klein Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"With the dedication, determination and relentless efforts of an ever increasing number of devotees and volunteers of all ages, this temple will become will soon become a focal point for Hindus in North Texas to congregate and practice their faith."
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