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148 Dedication quotes:

"Failure tests your dedication to excellence."
"I believe we require a more vigorous enforcement effort with respect to China and the dedication of resources to make such an effort effective."
Author: Portman Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"Anybody that works hard and puts time and effort and dedication toward something and doesn't seem like they're getting anywhere, it's frustrating at times,"
"It takes dedication. It takes the time to work out specifically for softball. You have to gear your workouts to be athletic and be able to sustain throughout the long weekends when you're playing a lot of games."
Author: Riley Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"I hold that a writer who does not passionately believe in the perfectibility of man has no dedication nor any membership in literature."
"It means people who have a sense of dedication and loyalty to the organization. It means, in its truest sense, the ethos of the company. Something that is revered as the first rite of spring."
Author: Meeker Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"The concentration and dedication- the intangibles are the deciding factors between who won and who lost."
Author: Seaver Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"The Illinois CPA Society represents more than 22,000 CPAs and financial professionals. We recognize the dedication and sacrifice of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families, and we're committed to finding the most effective way to express our appreciation. With the Military Service Tax Assistance Project, CPAs are able to support the troops in the best way they can -- by putting their tax expertise to use. By helping identify the special tax benefits available to military personnel, our members can help ease the financial strain of active duty."
Author: Weiss Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"The varsity kids dedication is beyond explanation. I think that everyone played club volleyball, and they chose to do it on their own. It costs money and time to do that."
Author: Phelps Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"I like (Clausen's) philosophy and his dedication. He's not going to be a yes-man for anybody. I wasn't really thinking about resigning until I heard Dave would be appointed. I agreed with that."
Author: Behnke Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"I don't take my fans' love and dedication for granted."
Author: Judd Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"As a competitor, he is unmatched. I know he'll bring the same level of enthusiasm, dedication and focus to the head coaching position. He is the ultimate winner and young wrestlers around the nation will be anxious to learn from him."
Author: Pollard Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"He has shown tremendous leadership while serving in my administration, ... I commend him for his dedication to public service and the betterment of the commonwealth."
"His hard work, dedication and leadership gave him and our team many great nights this season."
Author: Leitao Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"Doug will be dearly missed as his legacy of passion and dedication to the sport will always be remembered."
Author: Garber Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"One of the most respected people of our times. Sense of duty and service ... extraordinary grace and dedication ... Long may she reign over us!"
Author: Blair Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"We're thrilled to have received this honor for the third consecutive year. It's a testament of our dedication to quality and the loyalty of our consumers as we continue to grow in such a competitive space."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"Dedication to and his passionate zeal in managing his office and levels of responsibilities are, in my opinion, great strengths."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"Desire and dedication are everything!"
Author: Starr Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"Erica Cook's leadership and dedication have been above and beyond anything I can ask for as a coach. (Cook and Alford) have been workaholics."
Author: Bauer Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes

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