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"Commonly, people believe that defeat is characterized by a general bustle and a feverish rush. Bustle and rush are the signs of victory, not of defeat. Victory is a thing of action. It is a house in the act of being built. Every participant in victory sweats and puffs, carrying the stones for the building of the house. But defeat is a thing of weariness, of incoherence, of boredom. And above all of futility."
"Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure."
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"What you need to think about it is, 'How do I defeat the guy who is assigned to block me?' That's what defensive football really is about,"
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"A reformer is one who sets forth cheerfully toward sure defeat."
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"This is an enemy that cannot defeat us militarily, and in engagement after engagement we see the enemy breaking off, running away,"
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"We're giving a lot of 30-point quarters up. Teams are shooting high percentages, getting a lot of easy baskets on us."
"After that loss in our gym, some doubt did creep in my mind if we could win another one or not. But the kids wouldn't let anybody get down and we all just kept each other up and working hard."
"We had considerable consideration, but we didn't get in."
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"Ideally, I would have hoped these people would have heard the fat lady singing and they would have realized the defeat for what it is,"
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"They will have lots of problems after being eliminated by a team that they felt they could easily beat."
"The real defeatists today,"
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"It is a monumental defeat for the government."
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"For a gallant spirit there can never be defeat."
"The pursuit of peace and progress cannot end in a few years in either victory or defeat. The pursuit of peace and progress, with its trials and its errors, its successes and its setbacks, can never be relaxed and never abandoned."

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