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Democracy Quotes

410 Democracy quotes:

"an era of true democracy."
"Through the ballot, we can defend our democracy from the threat of dictatorship,"
Author: Estrada Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"Today we frankly recognize that democracy can be no more than aspiration, and have rule not so much by the people as by the cleverest people; not an aristocracy of birth, not a plutocracy of wealth, but a true meritocracy of talent."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"role as the leading upholder of democracy and law."
Author: Albright Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"He did not raise anything about democracy or human rights in Malaysia,"
Author: Mohamad Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"We Chileans have to be able to understand that in a democracy institutions must function freely and with sovereignty,"
Author: Lagos Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"for the United States to protect democracy and build democracy."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"I like the noise of democracy."
"Democracy is messy, ... We're going to hear a number of examples of how messy and unfair democracy is over the next two weeks. The answer to reforming our system is not to shut people out or diminish the ability of our people or institutions to participate in the process."
Author: Hagel Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"It's hard to read Jefferson's Notes on Democracy in the format we're given, ... You do your best to strip it down, in much the same way Reagan would strip down the great economic questions of the day into a glib little anecdote."
"To me, there's this false veneer of democracy - I suppose we have our say and our votes and all that, but to no avail really. I mean, they made their minds up that they wanted to march into someone else's country, and they're going to do it, with their agendas, and that's that. There were millions of people out on the streets in America and all over the world last year, and it didn't make any difference."
Author: Weller Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"If it is not controversial, it is not about democracy. If it is not dangerous, if it does not ask us to consider changes that frighten the establishment, it is not about democracy."
Author: Woodruff Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"We have had a long wait for democracy."
"When we call a capitalist society a consumers' democracy we mean that the power to dispose of the means of production, which belongs to the entrepreneurs and capitalists, can only be acquired by means of the consumers' ballot, held daily in the marketplace."
Author: Mises Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"If we want to cultivate a true spirit of democracy we cannot afford to be intolerant. Intolerance betrays want of faith in one's cause."
Author: Gandhi Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"Democracy means government by the uneducated, while aristocracy means government by the badly educated."
Author: Chesterton Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes Aristocracy Quotes
"Underground democracy movements will always need the anonymity of simple paper documents, but this technology makes it easier for governments to find dissenters,"
Author: Tien Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"We grew up under dictatorship, wanted democracy and were quickly given responsibility. That sharpens the view for risks, but also for chances."
"Democracy functions best when we have an active citizenry."
Author: Perry Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"This is important to democracy, because if voters can't trust that their votes are being counted and election officials don't have a paper record that they can go back and review during recounts, then we're lost."
Author: McCabe Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes

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