Determination Quotes

311 Determination quotes:

"The markets are really going to be determined by what the Fed has to say. We'll be looking for more definitive talk from the Federal government and (Alan) Greenspan to get some indication of what the Fed is really thinking."
"The point is that the judge is determined to keep this thing moving, and he's getting rid of jurors who are impediments."
"There was a lot of discussion about the ramifications of his dismissal. It was determined his dismissal would incite the larger issue of preserving Camp Flying Eagle for our community."
"There was a strong sentiment to do this, and in the end, we determined that it might as well occur sooner than later, particularly now that Arnold has consciously reduced his competitive playing schedule. Arnold has been the face of the tournament for a number of years, and it makes sense that it bears his name to honor his countless contributions to the tournament and to the PGA Tour."
"They came out focused and determined in the third set. They did a better job of putting away some of the shots against a team that was playing back."
"They determined that he had had his stroke while he was napping."
"They've been real determined to get back there."
"Those are all issues that are in the process of being determined."
"We are determined to do everything we can"
"We are determined to save the hostages and not put them in harm's way,"
"We are determined to starve this limited group of extremists of the means"
"We have a veteran group and I'm determined to fix it. We just need to stay together,"
"We have an immediate need on special teams. As we evaluated our special teams, we determined it was important to find an experienced deep snapper. Matthew will help us fill that need."
"We knew that Cox was a very good shooter from 3-point range and were determined to not let him get comfortable out there. I told our players to deny him the ball and make him put the ball on the floor and we definitely kept him from hurting us."
"We reviewed our own practices, and determined our policy as it stood was fair."
"We still have not determined some things as far as how we're going to line our pitching up."
"We were in a tournament with all of our guys. All of a sudden, we come back and ... we're determined. We win 27 games (in 2000-01)."
"We're determined to turn this thing around. If we could get one of these [wins] but if we don't hurry up and get one, there won't be one after that to get. That's kind of where we are."
"We're very worried about the situation and determined to do everything possible to tackle the problem."
"When I was playing, it was 10 or 12 plays that determined the outcome of a game. Now, because of the balance of talent in the league, it's come down to three or four plays a game. All you're looking for is to be in a position where you have a chance to win at the end. We haven't been able to do that, in a number of cases but we just keep chipping at it, trying to find a way to turn that corner."

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