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"The determination to win is the better part of winning."
Author: Ikeda Quotes Category: Determination Quotes Japanese Writer Quotes
"It was just my willpower, my determination. I had to wait a long time,"
"He's definitely on the right track. It seems like Tiger got his focus and determination back this year. Obviously he has another eight to go and he'll have to play great. But never say never with Tiger. I think he has the desire as well as the ability to carry him through."
"He's the classic case of just dogged determination and perseverance. He's stuck to it and has been able to accomplish that. That's his dream. That's his passion. That's what he lives for and he's been able to do it. Not many people get to that spot and kids need to hear stories like his."
"When faced with a mountain, I will not quit! I will keep striving until I climb over, find a pass through, tunnel underneath or simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine, with God's help."
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"Effective role-based search applications will use technologies that uncover trending, comparison, discovery and determination of sentiment, which will then feed into applications that present the information using visualization and analytics."
"It has never been my object to record my dreams, just the determination to realize them."
"Staying poised. That's what really won us the game. Also determination in the second half."
"To have Willie back now adds a sense of calmness and also determination. I think Willie and Rudi (Johnson) play off each other as far as their approach to the game."
"There's a determination factor about these girls and that always seems to pick them up."
"Reagan was a statesman who, despite all disagreements that existed between our countries at the time, displayed foresight and determination to meet our proposals halfway and change our relations for the better, stop the nuclear race, start scrapping nuclear weapons, and arrange normal relations between our countries."
"It is under review and no determination has been made as to what the government will do next on this matter."
"The loss of Ron is a tremendous loss on so many levels. He symbolized the determination preservation needs to be successful with sensitivity and generosity. I think that is a unique combination. He sincerely cared, not just about preservation, but the way it affected people."
"It does not disagree with my determination, it does not say that the boy cannot be reunited with his father in this country, and in fact the court said we need not decide where or in whose custody the plaintiff should remain while this appeal is pending."
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Determination Quotes
"I can't make a determination as to what the intent was, but the purchases were close enough together that we interpreted it to be subject to the bid law."
"If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you."
"I think it's going to take a city staff determination on that sign."
"Instead of grasping this unique opportunity he has chosen to undermine the rule of the IICD by rejecting their determination."
"We have given them leads. They'll have to determine if those people are viable suspects. That's a determination for the police, not this family."
Author: Wood Quotes Category: Determination Quotes
"There is a shared determination to push forward with the expansion of the mission."

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